DISGRASIAN’s Summer Reading: Multicolr Search Lab

August 10th, 2010 | 2 comments | Posted by Diana

We’ll be away from our desks the month of August, carrying on with the non-bloggy aspects of our lives, watching mindless movie blockbusters, and indulging in summery drinks made with generous pours of bourbon. During this month, we’ll be linking each day to a different website that we ♥. Hopefully you’ll discover something delightful and new while we’re gone. If not, you are a serious Captain Crankypants and are probably in dire need of a summery drink made with a generous pour of bourbon.

‘Til September, lovelies.

Many of our readers are Asian/Asian American, and a lot of DISGRASIAN posts are about Asian/Asian American events and issues. I can’t tell you how often Jen and I are asked to distill the opinions (based on comments and responses) that emerge in response to our blog, and declare an Asian American “take”–the collective opinion on this or that item. But as Jen said during one of our AAJA panels last week, “We don’t all look alike, and we don’t all think alike.” After more than three years of writing this blog, that’s the one thing we know for certain. Though yellow pride may swell in all of our chests, some of us sway towards goldenrod, others blonde, and others… lemon!

The thought of our peeps as a multitude of brilliant shades on a near-infinite color palette has reminded my of one of my favorite visual technology sites, Idée’s Multicolr Search Lab. The visual search software developer “extracted the colours from 10 million of the most “interesting” Creative Commons images on Flickr. Using [the] visual similarity technology you can navigate the collection by colour.” For the above image, I added some saffron filters (see image, right), and the results are a delightful mélange of Flickr photos with different compositions and subjects, settings and saturations. By any other meter, the pictures would seem entirely dissimilar, but they all happen to share one thing: common shades of yellow.

And this is just my personal “take,” but wow–what a beautiful thing.

[Idée: Multicolr Search Lab]


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