DISGRASIAN’s Summer Reading: Francis Lam’s Food Column At Salon

August 19th, 2010 | 2 comments | Posted by Jen

We’ll be away from our desks the month of August, carrying on with the non-bloggy aspects of our lives, watching mindless movie blockbusters, and indulging in summery drinks made with generous pours of bourbon. During this month, we’ll be linking each day to a different website that we ♥. Hopefully you’ll discover something delightful and new while we’re gone. If not, you are a serious Captain Crankypants and are probably in dire need of a summery drink made with a generous pour of bourbon.

‘Til September, lovelies.

Francis Lam and one of my reasons for being: The Chicken Fried Steak

Francis Lam’s column over at Salon is, in many ways, the anti-foodie food blog. It’s unpretentious, informative, fun, and a little bit random. (Take, for instance, this post Lam wrote on the anniversary of Biggie’s death, a collection of the late rapper’s best food rhymes.) Lam mixes the high–professing his admiration for French master chef Michel Bras–with the low–taste-testing KFC’s heartstopping Double-Down sandwich–while maintaining the same casual tone, as though he were just a buddy you were having a beer with. My favorite posts of Lam’s are the ones where he uses food to serve up a little slice of personal or cultural history, like this one where he gives out his Hardass Asian Grandma’s coffee and banana pudding recipe only to reveal how mean she is (“quick with a lashing with her tongue, sticks or an open hand”), or this one where writes about how, as the child of Chinese immigrants, all he ever wanted for Thanksgiving dinner was turkey, but, in the end, it was Pizza Hut that saved the holiday.

[Salon: Francis Lam Food Blog]


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  2. farleyk says:

    This is awesome. I’d write more, but I seem to suddenly be hungry.

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