Twilight: Eclipse Interactive–Even In 8-Bits, TayTay’s Body Don’t Quit

July 2nd, 2010 | 5 comments | Posted by Diana

Jen and I went to see Twilight: Eclipse this week at a matinee screening, flanked by squealing/clapping/giggling/screaming little girls. We were like the cackling old ladies in the back, clicking our clogs (that was Jen) and quietly whispering pervy remarks (that was me) every time some young buck with a killer instinct and lots of issues appeared on the screen.

Wait, we weren’t like the cackling old ladies. We were the cackling old ladies! Wuh oh.

I can say with confidence that Eclipse was better than the first two Twilight movies. The only thing is that my gauge for greatness is based entirely on the number of times Taylor Lautner appears onscreen without a shirt on (I was keeping tally marks, but lost count after becoming completely enveloped in raging fantasies mid-flick). Sigh. That’s a little sick, right? But you GUYS, he’s EIGHTEEN!

Since the matinee, I’ve been in a bit of a TayTay frenzy (Please don’t check my Firefox history to see how many times I’ve Googled “Taylor Lautner shirtless” in the last few days. Okay, 12.). So when my friend Yennie linked me up to something called “Twilight Eclipse Interactive,”  of course I quickly clicked through (hell, I want to “interact” with you-know-who)…

…and was of course, disappointed. For a second.

You see, some brilliant tech geeks (The Station) adapted Eclipse in for YouTube’s interactive audience, in old skool 8-bit style, so that it’s like choose-your-own-adventure video game. Capcom would be so proud! It feels like you’re playing Zelda on an old Nintendo, but you’re actually giving yourself the ability to choose better life options for Twilight‘s heroine, Bella–something other than marrying too young and becoming a blood-sucking pouty person on purpose.

Better options like this:

Uh, wow. I’m slobbering over pixelated pecs. I need help.

[YouTube: 8-bit Twilight Eclipse Interactive - Start]

Thanks, Yennie!

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5 Responses to “Twilight: Eclipse Interactive–Even In 8-Bits, TayTay’s Body Don’t Quit”

  1. Jen says:

    OMG I just played this, it is geen. In my choose-your-own, Bella died(!). But so did TayTay(boo).

  2. Diana says:

    that is so sad. i guess Bella would’ve died anyway, though, right?

  3. Jen says:

    Er, I’m not sad about Bella, yo.

  4. Will Swifty & Tay Tay Reunite For Valentine’s Day Sequel???…

    J’ai trouvé votre article intéressant, ils en parlent aussi sur … et sur à suivre……

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