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Intern Jasmine’s Links Of The Daysian

Quentin Shih‘s photos of Christian Dior’s spring 2010 collection prove that all Asians do, in fact, rook arike. [Project Rungay]

Sad Keanu is back! But this time, he’s wearing a helmet. [Mashable]

Feeling scammed by M.I.A.‘s in NYC earlier this month? Hit the free make up show… in Brentwood. Kidding! [NY Mag]

Lisa Ling may be lunching nearby, but keep your eyes on the road! [Zimbio]

We couldn’t let you end the week without seeing this dirty dance-off between Elle magazine’s Joe Zee in a Chanel yeti-suit and Elmo from Sesame Street. [ELLE blogs]

Thanks, Abe!

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DISGRASIAN OF THE WEAK! The Oil Spill Only Gets Worse

Well, everybody, it’s been 100 Days since the BP Oil Spill and apparently there’s good news!

Apparently, BPs oil dispersants have so effectively caused oil to disappear from the surface of the Gulf that even the cleanup jobs are drying up! Hooray! Great job, BP!!!

But wait. Oh wait.

It looks like a group of scientists (hired by the lawyers suing BP) have analyzed the results from their testing of the waters. And apparently the dispersants (which include the chemical Corexit) being used to clear the water’s surface are ACTUALLY EVEN MORE TOXIC THAN THE OIL.

From today’s NYT:

“This is a management decision, to use dispersants,” College of William and Mary marine science professor Robert Diaz said yesterday. “It doesn’t make the oil go away, it just puts it from one part of the ecosystem to another.”

That dispersed oil now hovers, diluted in the water column, posing a challenge for scientists to track and measure the subsea plumes. Mapping the long-term effects of the nearly 2 million gallons of dispersant used by BP PLC may well be Continue reading DISGRASIAN OF THE WEAK! The Oil Spill Only Gets Worse

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Thankfully, President Obama Doesn’t Know Who The Eff Snooki Is

President Obama appeared on The View today, an action that was apparently highly controversial according to most major news outlets (Ed. note–Seriously, press? Y’all do realize that the President delivered a speech on Education today–like, real news, worthy of discussion–right?), and during part of the interview the ladies grilled him on hot pop culture buzz subjects, from Mel Gibson’s need for anger management to Snooki’s aptitude for running a small Alaskan city:

It has to be said: President Obama suffers from a syndrome I’d like to call “President Brain.” It’s like the guy pays so much attention to stuff like his job and the oil spill and the wars and the economic meltdown and the country’s soaring unemployment rate and SB 1070 and Robert Gibbs’s talking points or whatever, that he doesn’t have time to catch up on important stuff like Jezebel’s bitchy Daily Show drama or how Taylor Momsen may or may not be devolving into a teenage crackwhore!

But one thing he does know:

Continue reading Thankfully, President Obama Doesn’t Know Who The Eff Snooki Is

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Happy birthday to Dean Cain, who will turn 44 on Saturday!

I remember the first time I laid eyes on this warm-skinned, super-duper man on a classic episode of 90210 when he was the gullible, white-toothed, sexy-eyed Wisconsin boy that bought Brenda Walsh’s bad French act one summer in Paris. I couldn’t believe a guy so dumb and wholesome could also be wicked hot and intriguing, but oh, how he was.

Time has treated this hapa well, which makes me very happy. Why oh why did I ever stop stalking this guy?


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Annabel Park Vs. Sarah Palin: The Great Debate?

Unlike most of us, Roger Ebert doesn’t tweet just to read his own poorly-abbreviated words. So last Friday, when he suggested on Twitter that Coffee Party founder Annabel Park and Sarah Palin should chat, emphasizing that he was “very serious,” people indeed took the idea very seriously–Park herself has sparked to the challenge, and the Facebook group Annabel Park v. Sarah Palin Debate already sports 1,300+ members.

We’re not convinced Palin would ever agree to have an honest, fair, even-keeled dialog with Park (or anybody that doesn’t instantly respond to her favorite call words: USA! RULES! TEA! PARTY! OBAMA! IS A MUSLIM KENYAN SOCIALIST! NEWSPAPERS! ALL OF ‘EM! GOTCHA! GOTCHA!). But if this fantasy conversation ever did happen, we imagine it would be quite illuminating. Perhaps something like…

PARK: It’s a pleasure to sit down with you, Mrs. Palin. Thanks for speaking with me.

PALIN: Ohh, you think I’m gonna fall for that one, dontchoo? You sneaky little buggers!

PARK: I’m not sure I know what you mean.

PALIN: I’m not falling into any of your socialist liberal commie traps, MIZ Park!

PARK: Please—just call me Annabel.

PALIN: Okay, Annabel. Can I call ya Ann?

PARK: Well, I guess so, I mean–but that’s not actually my name.

Continue reading Annabel Park Vs. Sarah Palin: The Great Debate?

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Intern Jasmine’s Links Of The Daysian

Elle Magazine’s creative director Joe Zee spent a lovely summer’s day running around Manhattan… in a Chanel yeti-suit. [Racked National]

Police in the Philippines are searching for a gadget-obsessed serial killer that pawns the electronics of his victims. Note to self: sometimes a book makes a better accessory than an iPad. [CNN]

Lucy Liu said there was “definitely some chemistry” when she hooked up with boyfriend Noam Gottesman. The fact that he runs his own hedge fund was just a bunsen burner. [Just Jared]

Are we witnessing a “cultural generation gap” in America? [National Journal]

North Korea’s soccer team was subjected to a SIX HOUR LONG PUBLIC REPRIMAND after returning from the World Cup with a 0-3 record. At least they didn’t get sent to prison camp? [The Chosun Ilbo]

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K-Town Reality Show Promotes New Stereotype Of Asian Men

There’s been a lot of talk about whether the K-Town Reality Show–aka “The Asian Jersey Shore”–will break down or reinforce stereotypes of Asians (check out this comment thread over at channel APA, for example).

But no one’s talking about how the show might create new stereotypes. Like, the stereotype that…

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DISGRASIAN’s First Fan-Fiction: When Jan & Diane Met Ken & Donny


What you’re about to read is UH MAY ZING.

Remember last week when we introduced you to our alter egos, Jan and Diane?  Those gals who are so, so, so not us?  The post ended with Jan and Diane in full bridezilla regalia, and one of our readers, crazyDonna, wanted to know who those ladies ended up marrying.  And we were like, You tell us.

So she told us.

And as you will see from this fan-fic about our alter egos, Jan and Diane, crazyDonna is not only crazy, she’s also a genius with stock photos, hilariously funny, and undoubtedly our favorite new person on the planet.


Jan and Diane are BFFs who have awesome lives and are basically perfect. Yet even for them, finding their Mr. Rights wasn’t easy. Busy professionals making oodles of money don’t have time to meet guys! So Jan and Diane turned to modern technology to help them out. Yes, they used… the Internet!

JAN: Online dating is perfectly fine nowadays.
DIANE: Everyone’s doing it.

So Jan and Diane posted a personal ad (together, like they do everything else!).

DIANE: At e”CharmMoney”.com!
JAN: Oh, you! [giggles]

At first, the results were disappointing.

JAN: I mean, the guys were cute.
BOTH: Of course!
DIANE: But they had issues. Like, you absolutely could not touch Giorgio’s hair, or he would freak.
JAN: And why was Carl always looking for phone booths, anyway?

DIANE: Then there were those two guys who said they were in LXD. Continue reading DISGRASIAN’s First Fan-Fiction: When Jan & Diane Met Ken & Donny

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ROCK OF ASIAN: X Japan And The Pursuit Of World Dominasian

Yoshiki at an X Japan performance in 2009

The LA Times just published a lengthy profile about X Japan, a wildly successful J-rock metal band led by charismatic pianist-drummer Yoshiki (pictured above), that will attempt the leap from Japanese superstardom to American mainstream when they join the Lollapalooza tour this summer.

Why I know I already ♥ X Japan:

  • The band flanks a HEAVY METAL PIANIST-DRUMMER.
  • Hello Kitty produced a likeness of said heavy metal pianist-drummer, the only so far created for a human being. (Ed. note—Hi Sanrio! Jen and I are tooooootally open to having Kitty versions of ourselves!)
  • Yoshiki is apparently Bono-esque, and X Japan aspires to be Metallica-esque, yet they’re probably–most accurately–KISS-esque.
  • The early X Japan aesthetic appears to be a hybrid of early Mötley Crüe and Poison, but with almond eyes, so they look like the rockstars I wanted to be when I was a kid.
  • Every time I hear the words, “Arena Rock,” my personal areas get warm.
  • LAT refers to Yoshiki as a “fevered multitasker and established brand unto himself in Asia,” which means he is a) totally Asian and b) pretty AMAZIAN!
  • We need somebody to freak out over other than Rain.

Read the whole X Japan LAT feature here. Check out the Lollapalooza lineup here.

[LAT: America, Meet Yoshiki]

Thanks, Tina!

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BABEWATCH: TV Chef Ching-He Huang

Name: Ching-He Huang

Resides in: London

Occupation: TV Chef

Why She’s a Babe: I’m of the opinion that anyone who can cook is hot. Because food is sexy, sometimes sexier than sex. Also, while I love food, I don’t like to cook. And with Chinese food, I’ve never even learned (reason #581 why I’m DISGRASIAN). This is why I love Chef Ching Huang, whose whole deal is Chinese Food Made Easy–which also happens to be the name of one of her cooking shows that airs on the Cooking Channel in the US. You can also find her video recipes on YouTube, and she even has her own iPhone App. Me? I’m going to start with Ching’s vid about seasoning a wok (or maybe convince Diana to come over and do it for me, in exchange for putting together some shit from IKEA for her):

Continue reading BABEWATCH: TV Chef Ching-He Huang

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China To End Public Shaming

After much public outcry, the Chinese government wants to put an end to its longstanding tradition of publicly shaming criminal suspects. Which basically means the Chinese are becoming less Chinese. Because Chinese people love them some public shaming. (I mean, Me = Chinese, DISGRASIAN = A Public Shaming Site, hello?)

The NY Times reports that the demand for the end to public shaming arose out of sympathy for prostitution suspects:

The new regulations are thought to be a response to the public outcry over a recent spate of “shame parades,” in which those suspected of being prostitutes are shackled and forced to walk in public.

Last October, the police in Henan Province took to the Internet, posting photographs of women suspected of being prostitutes. Other cities have been publishing the names and addresses of convicted sex workers and those of their clients. The most widely circulated images, taken this month in the southern city of Dongguan, included young women roped together and paraded barefoot through crowded city streets.

The police later said they were not punishing the women, only seeking their help in the pursuit of an investigation.

The public response, at least on the Internet, has tended toward outrage, with many postings expressing sympathy for the women. “Why aren’t corrupt officials dragged through the streets?” read one posting. “These women are only trying to feed themselves.”

This expressed sympathy for prostitutes is consistent with an online survey conducted last year in China which found that people considered prostitutes more trustworthy than government officials, putting them third in trustworthiness behind farmers and religious workers(!). That prostitution and the Chinese government could be construed as binary Continue reading China To End Public Shaming

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AMAZIAN OF THE WEEK! Jeremy Lin, First Chinese American In The NBA

Name: Jeremy Lin

Age: 21

Occupation: Point/2-guard for the Golden State Warriors

Known for: Proving that Ivy Leaguers can ball and Asian men can jump; going undrafted but then impressing NBA teams with his performance for the Dallas Mavs’ summer league team; almost giving Jen and Diana a collective heart attack last week when he was rumored to be signing with the Fakers Lakers; signing with his hometown Golden State Warriors instead; becoming the first Chinese American player to join the NBA.

(The first Asian American player in NBA, as Lin was initially reported to be, was Wat Misaka, back when the NBA was known as the Basketball Association of America. Other Asian Americans who played in the NBA were Filipino American Raymond Townsend and Japanese American Rex Walters.)

[ESPN: Harvard's Lin signs with Warriors]

Thanks, Sam!

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