Don’t Make Fun Of Rady Gaga!!!

June 4th, 2010 | 13 comments | Posted by Diana

Gawker writer Adrian Chen wrote a most amusing “Compendium of Unnecessary Lady Gaga Eccentricities” last week, which included observations like: “Lady Gaga thinks ghosts are real and they are haunting her. She spent $4,000 on ghost hunting equipment because she was worried of “Bad energy” infecting London’s O2 stadium.”

Look, I hate the Gaga. I think she’s a poseur. And I know all of you aren’t with me on this but–wait, did I just write that a guy named Adrien CHEN penned a piece slamming a POP STAR? What the FUCK??!?!?

OH THANK GOD. A charming reader–er, leader–named Kenny Tarr–wait, Tall!–already wrote in a complaint.

We absorutery aglee. An Itarian supel-stal who has been in “American” for at reast 100 yeals (wow, Germanotta is older than we thought!”) has evely light to be in this countly! Evelyone knows that AMERICAN berongs to the Itarians!!! Just don’t tell the Native Amelicans and Mexicans!

HOW DARE this Chinaman comment? HOW DARE HE????

[Gawker: When Racist Lady Gaga Fans Attack]

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13 Responses to “Don’t Make Fun Of Rady Gaga!!!”

  1. farleyk says:

    “Kenny Tarr will probably die saying: HEY WATCH THIS!”

    Well, thanks a lot, now I have tortilla chips all over my keyboard. Good thing I wasn’t drinking coffee.

    Let’s hope when he does, there’s video. And that it involves an angry raccoon. Or bees, lots of bees.

  2. Teamrobhogg says:

    I’ve been ‘in American’ since my family has been there for a while. The only 6th gen person I know’s last name is Lee (not the Robert E. variety). This Kenny Tarr motherfucker must be loving Arizona right now.

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  4. Jen says:

    My family’s been “in American” for 45 years. Only 55 to go!!!

  5. xandersaide says:

    Shut the f*** up. My jaw just dropped reading this guy’s comments…but wait, what is he doing reading your blog?? That doesn’t seem like very U.S. American patriotic behavior to me!

  6. supersteez says:

    If it makes him feel any better his grammatically correct sentences didn’t fool me either. Kenny Tarr knows engrish better

  7. Cindy says:

    My family was running moonshine in northeastern Arkansas more than 100 years ago. I wonder how that figures in. (I don’t make this shit up.)

  8. themaltesebippy says:

    Kenny Tarr is a moron who knows nothing about history. Many Chinese families have lived in the US for over 100 years. Who do you think built the railroads? As an Italian American myself, I think Gaga sucks. Anyway, what kind of puss writes to a website trying to defend Lady Gaga? What a pathetic and useless human being.

  9. Diana says:

    @farleyk thank you for noticing that tag.

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  11. weissman says:

    Lady Gaga is wierd , all the way to the bank!

  12. Liu Jing says:

    Big posers have little posers
    That suck off their celebrity
    And little posers have lesser posers
    And so on to obscurity

  13. MacLu says:

    @Cindy: I want to hear more about this moonshine thing!

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