This Is America, Speak English (Unless You’re FOX News)

May 3rd, 2010 | 17 comments | Posted by Jen

For a nation of immigrants, America’s fast becoming a country of self-haters.

You see this not only in an anti-immigration law like Arizona’s recently-passed SB 1070, but also in the “This is America, speak English” movement that’s been rearing its ugly head all over the country lately.

Teabaggers everywhere are saying you better learn it if you want to live here.

Alabama GOP gubernatorial candidate Tim James is saying you better learn it if you want to drive here (see below).

And the Arizona Department of Education is saying you not only better learn it if you want to teach here, you better speak it without a foreign accent, comprende?

But look. Is it such a terrible idea to get rid of people in this country who can’t speak, read, or write in our unofficial official language? I know, I know, it sounds crazy. And racist. And fascist. And, um, racist? But what would you say if I proposed we start here:

Um, spelling much?

[FOX News: Arizona Legislature Passes Bill to Curb 'Chauvanism' (sic) in Ethnic Studies Programs]

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17 Responses to “This Is America, Speak English (Unless You’re FOX News)”

  1. farleyk says:

    Just a sad sad thing.
    I spend a bit of time traipsing about in Cambridge, MA. Lots of college students, people from all over the world, etc. It is actually a rare occasion when I’m riding the train or sitting at a cafe and I hear English being spoken. It’s one of the *advantages* of being around here. The variety, and musical nature of all the different languages and accents. I don’t want to live in a vanilla world, you headline-misspelling Fox people.

  2. harald hardrada says:

    These are signs that power is shifting away from European Americans, which frightens them into seeking ways of clinging to their imagined past. Politicians who propose and enact such laws don’t know that they’re too late, that they’ve lost out to the people who’ve been living in Arizona and the surrounding region for more than ten thousand years. They don’t know that we all come out of Africa and that borders are meant to be crossed.

  3. Tom says:

    OK, so FOX has an article on the latest attack on “ethnic studies” programs that putatively promote “ethnic chauvanism”? Maybe they should learn to spell English well over at the press room or go back “where they came from” (wherever that is). Or do loanwords from other languages such as “chauvinism” not count? Just wondering.

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  5. joonbug says:

    Last time I checked the history books, English isn’t the native language of the USA and as far as I’m concerned, how is “Illegal Immigration”, illegal immigration? The way I see it, it’s people reclaiming the land of their ancestors that was swiped by them through genocide by these whitey’s ancestors. Payback’s a bitch, ain’t it?

  6. joonbug says:

    BTW, I’m guessing y’all are too young to remember there was a similar Proposition back in he 1980′s in California to make English the official language of the state probably before most of your readers were born.

  7. prometheus says:

    1) Re: Tim James or whatever — Okay, so it’s pretty obvious he’s appealing to the racist prick selection of the population. That brings up a few thoughts: a) There are people who don’t speak ‘english’ in Alabama? b) He’s not a very good businessman. I’m sure that once-a-year translations into 12 languages is pretty fucking far from the worst expense Alabama has, and c) That said, sure, if you want to argue about how English ideally should be the primary language of the land, maybe you need to subtitle exams rather than replacing the language. You’re still gonna have foreigners come visit or stay as students or who knows (er, Alabama?) — so killing off other languages is kinda dumb. And I’m going to bet that the other 8 languages aren’t Spanish, Chinese, Russian, or Arabic, so I’m not sure what they have against Europe.

    2) Re: The School thing — Yeah, that one was a dick move. Everything in that law seems to ‘work’ up till you get near the end. The part where they are against classes that, “are designed primarily for students of a particular ethnic group or advocate ethnic solidarity instead of the treatment of pupils as individuals.” — So in other words, you can’t have a spanish language classes, or german language classes. Even if there are no germans in Alabama. Plus, what the fuck? “promote the overthrow of the U.S. government” — who the hell is doing that in the first place?

    3) Does anyone actually pay attention to Faux News anymore?

  8. stepaside says:

    I sea nuthing rong with that.

    Oops. I guess I have to leave the country now…

  9. MicroRNA says:

    I live in Arizona. It’s ridiculous. The AZ board of education wants to ban all “ethnic” classes because they equate it with treason, and get rid of any teachers with an accent. Of course, europeans are made up of many ethnic groups. Also, hick/southern/boston/jersey/brooklyn accents can impair students’ ability to understand too, but as long as they’re white… What gives?

    Anyway, racial tension has been bad in this state for awhile. AZ lost 300 million dollars in the last boycott when they refused to recognize MLK day.

  10. joonbug says:

    Just curious, why is it for all non-whites, there has to be an “—— American”, e.g. Asian American (especially nowadays, most Asian kids are born in the US) or African American (don’t know too many black folks from Africa, except in college), so for whites, why don’t they call themselves European Americans???? I think that’s fair. Glad I left the USA for the ROK (Republic of Korea) after Bush was elected.

  11. Le says:

    Wow that article was posted at least five days ago, and they still haven’t bothered to correct the spelling.

  12. msmargie says:

    Several years ago I was working retail and a bunch of Laotian women were discussing a purchase. The elderly, white, prune-faced woman at my register said, “I’m so glad my husband isn’t here. He hates foreigners.” I said, “Oh, is he Native American?” I almost got fired.

  13. Diana says:

    @MsMargie you RULE.

  14. weissman says:

    Scared little wehite guys, its almost funny if it wasn’t sad

  15. karlk9 says:

    Keith Olbermann recently shared an email from a guy named Scott. It said: “If all they do is cry wolf, why do they call it FOX NEWS?”

    Recently, I took my car in for a Toyota recall, and a friend from Taiwan went with me. Fox news was on in the rather large waiting room, and a few of the Fox faithful were trying to become engrossed in what was on, but alas, there were foreigners (including my friend) seated near them, and they were on edge. They were, however, most unnerved by me, for I could tell a woman how to find the ladies’ room in Spanish, and speak Mandarin with my friend. One gaped at me with open-mouthed awe, bur distrust in his eyes, and he then subtly asked “What the hell are you?!”

    I answered “a Celto-Teutonic Caucasian male with European parents, who’s lived in Asia, and once had a South American girlfriend.” His response: “Are ya legal?”

  16. Diana says:

    @karlk9 wowza. by the way, where did this go down?

  17. karlk9 says:

    @Dianna. Thanks for the “wowza.” It happened in Venice, FL, and yes, I’m legal – PA birth certificate and all.

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