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It’s been awhile since I’ve talked to the guys in Rx Bandits, a band that once went by a clunkier name (Pharmaceutical Bandits) and pumped out lo-fi Orange County ska in the late nineties. Now settled neatly in Long Beach-ish (and their early thirties) the guys seem to have come into their own as a more-mature RxB—a dirty hippie dream with rock, prog, reggae, dub and acid influences that the kids absolutely seem to love (check out their well-received performances at 2007′s Bonaroo and this year’s Coachella festival for proof).

In the best possible way, they’re here, there and everywhere–angular guitar jabs are answered by falsetto vocals, unexpected horn lines meet aggressive drum beats, soft-spoken lullabies transform into high-energy anthems. They’re also musical poster boys for lovers of Mary Jane–spark up a sativa (Might I recommend the aromatic, and blissfully tart Trainwreck?) to rock out to electric-eclectic track “Hope Is A Butterfly, No Net Its Captor… (The Virus Of Silence)” or vape a nice indica and settle in for “March of the Caterpillar.”

I think I once made the mistake of claiming that the Bandits would be up in smoke before you could say “mother plant.” I’m rarely wrong about such things, but I definitely think I was all those years ago. What the hell was I smoking???

[Rx Bandits on MySpace]

Thanks, G Scott!

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  2. RnRPumpkin says:

    Thanks for the post on RXB. I’ve been masturbating to them for years.

    Just kidding (but not really).

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