One More Reason DISGRASIAN Needs To Put A Hit On Lynn Chen

May 3rd, 2010 | 8 comments | Posted by Diana


We’ve got a long history of knowing stalking Lynn Chen, an actress whose excessive beauty makes us want to rip our eyeballs out (Seriously, who in this world has got a cuter frown/smile? If such a person exists we need to take them down, too).

It looks like we shouldn’t only be threatened by her looks. She’s moving in on all fronts. Did y’all realize she blogs, too? Her blog with longtime friend and fellow actress Christy Meyers (also f’ing cute) is called The Actor’s Diet, and in it both ladies charmingly detail the way they eat (And no, they don’t write “just barf” in every post). Oh REALLY, Lynn? You think just ANYone can start a blog with their good friend that they eat/drink/gossip with all the time, just because, filling the blogoverse with sassy girlfriend chatter? HUH? Okay yeah, you can. Anybody can, really. So what?


Lynn interviewed the hotness that is DDK as an LA correspondent for the Everything Acting site, which we learned about via that aforementioned adorable blog. We downloaded the entire audio podcast this morning, and it runs about a half hour. Let me repeat that: LYNN TALKED TO OUR MAN FOR A HALF HOUR. Okay, we didn’t necessarily detect any flirting, but still. SHE TALKED TO OUR MAN FOR A HALF HOUR.

So let me just speak to her directly now: Lynn, you better watch out. If you see two girl geeks (one with glasses) with Nerf machine guns sneaking up on you in the dark of night, that could very well be US!

[The Actor's Diet: Interview With Daniel Dae Kim]

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Thanks, Lynn!

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8 Responses to “One More Reason DISGRASIAN Needs To Put A Hit On Lynn Chen”

  1. johnminh says:

    Ok! No more posts for the rest of the day, so when I go to, I see Lynn Chen’s photo at the top of the page. You girls owe us this much for making us go blind with Micky Rourke’s fugly mug all weekend.

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  3. harald hardrada says:

    she’s cute but you two are hot

  4. Jen says:

    @johnminh We really do owe you that much.

  5. Cindy says:

    I totally agree with John! Harald is on target as well.

  6. farleyk says:

    No, no, no. Don’t destroy them. Merger and acquisition. They could make you coffee.

  7. MicroRNA says:

    Loved her in Saving Face. As said above, the bloggers here are quite beautiful as well.

  8. weissman says:

    Lynn Chen is amazing in whatever she does, check out her latest movies

    X’s and O’s
    The people I’ve slept with and White on Rice

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