Asians Love A Discount: Review [Sponsored]

May 28th, 2010 | 17 comments | Posted by Jen

FACT: Asians love a discount.

For this reason, it used to embarrass the hell outta me when I was a kid to go shopping with my Hardass Asian Mom, who never paid full price for anything and always found a way to get what she wanted on sale even if it wasn’t. Like, she’d find a loose thread on a pair of pants and argue for ten percent off. Or she’d see some microscopic flaw in the weaving of the fabric of some blouse and argue for twenty-five off, while I quietly died of humiliation next to the cash register.

BUT. Now that I’m a grown-up, and the money I spend is the money I have to earn, I’m a bit more like my mom than I’d like to admit. (And, really, it’s futile trying to shake the lessons your Hardass Asian Mom’s drilled into you anyway, whether it’s about staying out of the sun so you can look young forever or knowing how to tie the perfect knot on a plastic leftovers bag to avoid spillage of said bag’s contents or never walking around the house–or anywhere for that matter–barefoot.)

So I was pretty stoked when decided to sponsor us to use their site and blog about it. Because as bloggers, we rarely get paid to blog. And as shoppers, we NEVER get paid to shop. Actually, as bloggers, we kinda never get paid to blog, either. Sigh. But I digress.

What the hell is Ebates, you ask? Basically it’s a site that gives out discounts on stuff you buy from its participating stores. What seems to set the site apart from similar coupon sites is that Ebates also gives you cash back every time you shop, and the cash is paid to you quarterly, either by check or Paypal. The cash back is some percentage of your purchase total, and while some of the percentages seem small–1.0% off at Apple, 1.5% off at Virgin Atlantic Airways–who’s going to look down their nose at FREE MONEY?! Refusing free money is not only not Asian, it’s straight-up DISGRASIAN, y’all.

Sign-up is easy. First of all, it’s free. Second, it only involves putting in your email and a password, then you’re good to go. Normally, they give you $5 back just for signing up, but if you click the Ebates banner at the top of our blog, you’ll get $8.88 back. (Plus that will help convince them to keep advertising with us, which will make us less broke, which will enable us to blog more, which will make us happy, which, in turn, will make you happy? Yes?)

Okay, now that this infomercialog (pronounced info-mersh-log) is almost out of the way and the shopping can commence, I’m going to list the top 5 sites participating in Ebates that I’m most likely to shop from:

1) Apple (1.0% cash back), cuz y’all know how much we love Apple products
2) Tobi (2.5% cash back), cuz its founders are Babes
3) Sephora, (4.0% cash back), cuz y’all know how much we love makeup
4) 1-800 CONTACTS (coupon), cuz I’m fucking blind from staring at this computer screen all the time
5) Bigger Bras (4.5% cash back), cuz, well, I mean, isn’t it OBVIOUS???

And since I owe my love of discounts to my Hardass Asian Mama, who I know will be reading this–and passing it on to her Hardass Asian Friends, I hope, since you do want me to be succesful, don’t you, Mom (that is a rhetorical question, btw)?–I’m also listing the top 5 sites she’s most likely to shop from:

1) Microsoft Store (3.5% cash back), cuz, sadly, she’s a PC
2) Old Navy (2.0% cash back), cuz she thinks the Gap is too expensive
3) Expedia (1.0% cash back), for when she comes to visit me
4) TOMS shoes (5.0% cash back), cuz Diana got us both hooked on wearing these around the house instead of slippers
5) Circuit City (2.5% cash back), since she and my dad broke their old DVD player watching so many Korean dramas

I can’t wait to see Diana’s top 5. I predict they will be Martha Stewart-ish, seeing as how beneath that brown-liquor bravado and indie twentysomething sassafras, there’s secretly lurking a hardcore Holly Homemaker.

So what are your top 5? Click on our Ebates banner above and find out (please, pretty please?)!

[DISGRASIAN-Ebates $8.88 Sign-up]

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17 Responses to “Asians Love A Discount: Review [Sponsored]”

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  2. horace manoor says:

    Jen, you’re the only person existing who can make me laugh aloud while reading an infomercial — but i didn’t laugh at “bigger bras” — what’s obvious is you’re just the right size, besides being gorgeous & fit

    i’m signing up to get $8.88 & will persuade a certain special person, who just happens to be asian, to sign in too — she loves to shop

    my nom de plume was harald hardrada but your security software wouldn’t let me back in when it suddenly demanded my password, even though i’d been allowed onto your site automatically for weeks without ever needing to enter my password — upon my entering the emailed password reminder, wordpress said i lacked permission — so here you see my new name — i guess harald is gone for good — RIP

  3. Cindy says:

    I was dragged to every garage sale and flea market as a child and lived through the shame of my father sending back nearly every meal when we ate out. I share your pain, Jen. I share your pain.

    In no particular order
    1) Home Depot (cause some stereotypes are true.)
    2) Sur La Table (I am a damn good cook)
    3) Victoria’s Secret (for my deceptively girly side)
    4) Fossil (I’m a big believer in having no less than 10 watches)
    5) Border’s (well, because I’m still a total nerd.)

    I would love to put Apple on this list, but I’m still trapped in my PC hell and try not to hate you for your pretty little computer that we both know is cooler than mine.

  4. Jen says:

    I LOVE your list, Cindy! Awesome idea. I want every DISGRASIAN reader to submit theirs!

  5. Cindy says:

    Jen, I was doing as I was told. “So what are your top 5? Click on our Ebates banner above and find out (please, pretty please?)!”

    I want to see everyone’s list too!

  6. Asian American Ad Network says:

    1. Ebay. One man’s trash is another man’s….well,what I buy will probably still be trash. (1-3% Ebates)
    2. Tigers Direct. Hey, AZN man’s jewelry are electronics. (3%)
    3. Advance Auto Parts. I need to drop that spoiler on my Honda yo (6%)
    4. OfficeMax. Gotta keep the office stocked (3%)
    5. Victoria’s Secret. Well, i don’t shop here. I just like window shopping. (2%).

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  8. [...] Asians Love A Discount: Review [Sponsored] | DISGRASIAN™ [...]

  9. [...] Asians Love A Discount: Review [Sponsored] | DISGRASIAN™ [...]

  10. Rick says:

    1. PSPrint – I already use them to print postcards and flyers like crazy, so getting 10% back has totally made my day. (10%)
    2. OfficeDepot – Again, money back on small business supplies ftw! (2%)
    3. Newegg – For all my computing needs.(1.5%)
    4. – For us artists, stationery is like crack(5%)
    5. REI – Add this to the yearly dividends = score. (3%)

    As a student-loan saddled artist, saving the cash makes me happy (and well-fed). Good sponsorship Jen!

  11. Jen says:

    @Rick With your love of office supplies and paper products, you’re a person after my own heart. Except for the outdoorsy stuff–I’m allergic to camping!

  12. Rick says:

    Yes! I’m glad to hear there are more paper enthusiasts out there (and once again, grats on the cool advertising!)

  13. rockmanj says:

    “Paper enthusiast”? I hope its mostly recycled…

    Anyway, here are my top 5: (2%): For all those trips to Korea, Canada and everywhere in between. (4%): [Insert witty quip here]

    TigerDirect (3%): I’m an electronics fiend.

    Netflix ($13.00: Not quite sure how this will work, as I already have a subscription.

    Ms. Fields (4.0%): Well, I love cookies and need to gain weight, so a no brainer.

  14. Cindy says:

    Who doesn’t love office supplies??

    @Jen…no outdoorsy stuff? I think this is the first divergent view you and I’ve had. Stunned I say, absolutely stunned. I’m a almost 20 yr. member of REI. (Once again, some stereotypes are true.) Despite the “roughing” it, I don’t go backpacking/camping without my espresso pot.

  15. Jen says:

    @Cindy I know, I know. But I’ll have you know that I was a Girl Scout, I’ve camped at several national parks and in many deserts (during my unfortunate desert rave phase–don’t ask and, please, don’t tell), and I went on a 10-day trek through Bhutan years ago where we hiked for 10 hours a day and I was, like, shitting in hole in the ground…so I HAVE TRIED.

    The espresso pot is a classy touch, and I expect nothing less from you!

  16. Cindy says:

    I refused to join the girl scouts…something about being forced to wear that stupid dress as uniform.

    I will give you due credit for your hiking adventures. …and your secrets are always safe with me.

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