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May 19th, 2010 | 4 comments | Posted by Jen

No, you will not be the guardians of the “light hole”

I realized as I was watching Lost‘s “previously on” at the start of last night’s episode that I’ve been suffering from TV-PTSD–that’s Post Traumatic Stress Disorder brought on by something awful you’ve seen on TV that you actually and pathetically believe is real–the awful thing, of course, being Jin and Sun’s deaths in that sinking sub two weeks back.

Is anyone else still pissed that among Jin’s last words to Sun were “I won’t leave you” and then the final shot of them is their cold dead hands drifting away from–i.e. leaving–one another?

Did anyone else want Hurley or Jack to die instead, because they both fuckin’ bug?

Is anyone else worried about what’s going to happen to Ji Yeon, Jin and Sun’s baby daughter?

Like, is she going to an orphanage?

Or will Sun’s mean Hardass Asian Dad raise her?

Or, worse yet, will Katherine Heigl adopt her and raise her to become a Hollywood princess d-bag???

The show since has been as dead to me as Jin and Sun’s cold, parting hands, and in my grief, I wasn’t paying that much attention to last night’s penultimate episode, although this AMAZING Craigslist ad pretty much sums up what happened [UM, SPOILER ALERT]:

[via The Ack Attack]

Thanks, Mike!

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4 Responses to “About Lost Night”

  1. PoweredByRice says:

    I have a real problem with the way they wrote Sun and Jin’s deaths.

    For some reason, Hollywood loves to show Asian people choosing to die, or killing themselves, etc. It’s sort of a subtle Kamikaze-mentality that Hollywood writers love to impart on Asians.

    Whereas a white character will fight bravely to survive, an Asian character is often shown passively accepting their fate, or choosing to kill themselves for the greater good, -often to save a white character.

    The only exception I saw to that was on last night’s show when they showed Miles’s character saying “I’m getting the f*ck outta here, you guys deal with the smoke monster!!!”. That was actually kinda funny….

  2. weissman says:

    never really liked the show, lost that is, and hey the last scene in Battle Star Galactica was of the Grace Park and Tahmoh Pinekett characters, alonmg with the daughter walking off into the sunset.

  3. rockmanj says:

    I actually had a bigger problem with Jin choosing to orphan his daughter like that. I mean, grandma and grandpa Baek have major dough, but they are both kind of evil (And grandpa Baek seems to only have one facial expression). On another note, I really appreciate the depiction of Miles, as his “Asian-ness” isn’s being beat over or heads all the time. He is just a dude that happens to have Asian parents. I cannot remember what season it was (had to be 4th or 5th) when it was kind of called out. Jin was saying something in his (mangled, but VASTLY improved since season 1) Korean, and Sawyer was like “What the hell is he saying?” And Miles is all like “How the hell would I know? I’m from Encino!”

  4. akirasmom says:

    Actually, I would wait until the series finale on Sunday to completely write off the show. Yes, I was sad when Sun and Jin died (I actually yelled, “Nooo! Not my Koreans!” at the TV), but death doesn’t seem like it’s all that permanent in Lost-land. It will be interesting to see how the character’s parents come into play, too. So don’t despair, I doubt that we’ve heard the last of Sun and Jin! And I doubt that the creators of Lost would be heartless enough to abandon Sun and Jin’s adorable daughter to Sun’s awful parents (well, her dad seemed awful, her mom just seemed like a hardass). I predict that if they really are dead, then Jin’s dad will somehow end up being the one to take care of her.

    However, I must admit that I was disappointed that Dogen (played by the wonderful Hiroyuki Sanada) had to die after just four episodes. That seemed wasteful to me, but who knows? Maybe he’ll pop up at the concert in the final episode, too!

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