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I did not know this: Beijing has been home to one of three Chinese Hooters restaurants since 2008.

She works hard for the money... So hard for the money...

The LA Times ran a piece before the weekend describing the thriving franchise locations, and noting the significance of their success in a sexually confused China.

Author Lily Kuo wonders if the ladies in orange short-shorts might actually be ushering in a powerful new kind of sexuality for China’s micromanaged population, allowing them a “clean,” safe, “family” experience that emboldens young and enticing females:

On the scale of China’s sexual evolution, Hooters lands somewhere between a wink and a smile. Unthinkable two decades ago, the restaurant promotes a playful kind of sexuality different from the country’s seedy massage parlors and hostess bars, and yes, it serves the chain’s famous wings too.

The restaurant may be another example of globalization in China, but it’s also a snapshot of changing attitudes toward sex in a country full of contradictions. Gone are the days when public displays of affection were frowned upon, although selected things remain off-limits.

It’s possible, she writes, that the popular Chinese Hooters locations might actually reflect a shift towards what Kuo calls “hot-girl economics,” where female sex appeal is the bargaining chip (American readers, you may, uh, be familiar).

All I know is that any time I’m sitting at a restaurant table and a goofy-grinned girl kneels down too close to ask me if I’d like to add some fish to my wing order, while wearing slippery nylons under polyester shorts and shoving her cans in my face, I get sad.  I don’t get hungry.

And I’m pretty sure that feeling applies to both Chinese and American goofy-grinned girls in polyester shorts.

[LAT: Hooters Restaurant Underscores Mixed Sexual Messages In China]
[Hooters China - Official Site]


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7 Responses to “Woo-Hooters?”

  1. harald hardrada says:

    skating on thin ice is safer than commenting on this — i’ve never been to hooters — women are a mystery to me but i know plenty about men & the ones who go to places like hooters are often the ones who want to deprive women of free choice — just look at where the republican fundraisers go — it’s the old double standard

  2. robert says:

    To be brutally honest, capitalizing on young, attractive women is perhaps the best way to reverse the tendency of Chinese couples to “select” male children; if girls become a source of income, they will be less likely to be “deselected”.

  3. harald hardrada says:

    the two political extremes share similar beliefs about women: namely, in the good ol’ u.s. of a. the bible thumpers oppose free choice while in china the party faithful have used abortion as a means of enforcing the one-child policy — either way, the woman is given no choice

    the only brightening outlook is in china, where the authorities seem to be easing up on the one-child policy — at the same time, party officials who keep mistresses are being exposed

    but here, where hypocrisy reigns, the bible thumpers indulge themselves while telling others to behave — vitter, ensign, sanford et al. are still in office

  4. weissman says:

    I have been to Hooters, the wings aren’t that good. But if its fun to go, and its another step in the westernization of China both politically and Culturally why the hell not. If you can’t beat them, buy them.

  5. Le says:

    First, the plastic surgery pageants. Now this!!! WTF is my motherland coming to? :(

  6. noneinaye says:

    A loud and resounding ‘NO’ …Just no. That article is full of “isms”.

    ‘To be brutally honest, capitalizing on young, attractive women is perhaps the best way to reverse the tendency of Chinese couples to “select” male children; if girls become a source of income, they will be less likely to be “deselected”’

    Wtf? When has that EVER worked ??? So by even further objectifying women females they will carry importance to parents?
    The males get picked because they believe that males are intrinsically more valuable as people and likely to succeed.

    I.e. : Men do more shit like science,math, making money and what not. While women are used as bait to lure those kinds of people in and are not encouraged to achieve like men are.

    So by normalizing being scantily clad and taking away the “modest standard” that somehow close with real empowerment? Get real.

    To be brutally honest, your comment made me facepalm.

  7. dinhster says:

    i love Hoorers.

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