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April 23rd, 2010 | 3 comments | Posted by Diana

My dad went to medical school in Saigon. Like most skinny, starving, Vietnamese students in the 60s, he motored around on a really shitty motorized bicycle–while secretly coveting the sweet Italian Vespas and Lambrettas that spoiled-first-sons of Businessmen or government officials flaunted on the dusty roads. During my mod phase as a teen, I became obsessed with The Who’s iconic film Quadrophenia, and would often re-watch it with my dad, just to peek over and watch his eyes light up at the moment that Sting first rolls up on a pristine, ice-blue Vespa with about a jillion rear-view mirrors attached.

There’s a part of me that has always wanted to buy my dad a scoot to ride around (not one of the new ones, but a restored vintage piece in like, royal blue) now. I have fantasies about us entering scooter rallies together and wearing matching helmets. But a part of me knows that the cranky ol’ surgeon who won’t drive faster than the speed limit on the freeway doesn’t have the same need for 2-wheeled glory that he did fifty years ago.

More importantly, I have a fantastically cool image of him riding back in the day burned into my brain: a broke, cigarette-smoking, stick figure of a young man relishing the independence and power of even a crappy bike with a battery attached–it’s so aloof and slick and awesome that I would never want to alter it with the reality of my dad hooting, “Whooooa! Ohhh! No!” while wobbling around the cul-de-sac on a creaky little Vespa today.

But as cucumber-cool as I’m convinced my pops looked on his bike, I’m pretty sure he never rode like this Chinese guy, who Buzzfeed posted riding a moto side-saddle for an astoundingly long period of time:

OR DID HE? I may never know.

[via Buzzfeed]

Thanks, Jasmine!

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3 Responses to “Stay Cool”

  1. noneinaye says:

    I love stories of parents back in their day that seem completely against there current character.

    I was in Korea visiting family and I saw an old childhood friend of my dad’s that used to live with him. I was talking to him for a while and he said something to the affect of “You know, no one in the neighborhood could touch me because I was friend with your dad.”
    And I tried asking him what he meant but he just bottled up and said
    “Oh…Nevermind, forget I said anything” and then he turned around and talked to other people.
    and I was just like ….wtf?

  2. PoweredByRice says:

    Yeah, and after he got done riding that scooter side-saddle he opened a can of Dos Equis beer and said smoothly, “Stay thirsty my friends!”

  3. Friggles says:

    Despite being able to ride side saddle on his his trusty “iron steed” and impressing the ladies-He’s still the 45 year old virgin he was 45 minutes ago.

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