ROCK OF ASIAN: Legaci aka LGC aka Justin Bieber’s Backup Biebs

April 7th, 2010 | 9 comments | Posted by Diana

Until recently, I knew very little about tween pop phenom Justin Bieber except that he once performed a sold-out free show at the garish outlet mall (you can see it from an airplane!) fifteen minutes from my house, has monopolized Twitter’s trending topics for nearly two months, and apparently has the same weave as Tiger’s quack porn flame, Joslyn James.

But hey, I kinda like the kid. He’s got a sweet little Cinderella story (a young, cute, Canadian YouTube sensation gets discovered by a fancy manager who turns a few mall appearances into international superstardom and a Billboard #1 album). He seems sweet. He’s got a young Joey McIntyre’s pipes. And he kinda reminds me of Hayley Mills.

So I can see why Bay Area R&B outfit Legaci (aka LGC) decided to cover Bieber’s sugary, chart-topping hit, “Baby”–it’s addictive in a modern doo-wop sort of way. Just a month ago, Legaci posted a magical living room performance of the song for YouTube with sultry-voiced Cathy Nguyen and smooth talker Traphik, which has clocked nearly 750,000 views to date. And wouldn’t you know it, one of those viewers was Bieber himself, who snapped up the guys as his backup singers after discovering the viral video. (Don’t assume this is lost on me… a YouTube sensation that got discovered and hit it big has himself discovered another YouTube sensation and wants to take them along for the ride! Adorable!)

Legaci has since accompanied the pop pixie on a number of major gigs, including appearances on Letterman and The View. The LGC guys actually do Bieber a great service as backup vox–adding flesh and soul to the live performances, which can feel little at times due to his pre-pubescent vocal range and awkward sense of body control.

I can’t believe I’m actually writing this, but I hope these fellas keep up the collaborasian for awhile. It totally works! #teamjustinbieber #golegaci

[Legaci on MySpace]
[Legaci on YouTube]

Thanks, Josh!

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9 Responses to “ROCK OF ASIAN: Legaci aka LGC aka Justin Bieber’s Backup Biebs”

  1. prettyinbleu says:

    is it me or is legaci’s version sounds better :) less autotune?

  2. Diana says:

    way better!

  3. johnminh says:

    How is it that Justin Bieber has found mainstream success, but David Choi, who I believe has a much better voice, hasn’t had crossover appeal? Oh wait, it’s because he’s Asian and the music industry won’t give him a chance. =(

  4. Jen says:

    Maybe what David Choi needs for mainstream success is a godawful haircut?

  5. Fatty says:

    I LOVE this version!! Btw, did anyone watch Justin Bieber’s “Diary” on MTV?? He’s got a very healthy ego. He could benefit from some hardass Asian parents who make him work in their restaurant. Washing dishes, cutting veggies, and sleeping under the warm buffet counter….ahhhhhhh, memories…

  6. chumsley says:

    I guess the only other good thing that this Justin Bieber kid has done is that given me the belief that the k-drama You’re Beautiful could actually happen in real life. He doesn’t look like Joslyn James, he totally looks like a white version of Park Shin-hye’s character!

  7. Lauren says:

    Legaci FTW!

  8. Cindy says:

    I think you may be onto something Jen. I must admit that the first two pics are similar enough to be a little freaky.

  9. Le says:

    The rapper’s name is Traphik? That’s DeLaGhetto whats his face, right? Anyway this is a sick remix. Definitely sounds better than the original. I’m sending this to my buddy. He is obsessed with this song haha!

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