I Will Always Love Yu Chun

April 7th, 2010 | 10 comments | Posted by Jen

By now, you’ve probably seen the vid of Lin Yu Chun rocking Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” on the Taiwanese singing competition Super Star Avenue. Because, it’s, like, EVERYWHERE. Oh: and it is AMAZING.

He’s being heralded as the next Susan Boyle, and I’m assuming that has less to do with the fact that he was also discovered in a televised singing competition and more to do with the fact that he, too, looks like he’s been locked up in an attic his whole life and dressed and coiffed by some sadistic motherfucker with a twisted sense of humor.

But, man, can that crazy-lookin’ dude sing.

[The Sun: Next SuBo on Taiwan show]

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10 Responses to “I Will Always Love Yu Chun”

  1. PoweredByRice says:

    Afer the show, Bobby Brown and Lin Yu were heard arguing loudly in his dressing room. Lin Yu was later seen with bruises on his face. His rep denied there were any problems between the two, stating that “Lin Yu and Bobby remain committed to each other”.

  2. clawd says:

    Holy damn! this boy’s got pipes…

    And btw, Jen! I resent the hating of the ‘do! haha I had the EXACT same haircut when I was 7. :’( Maybe, he didn’t have a choice either…

    P.S. haha nice one, PoweredbyRice. hahaha too good.

  3. Friggles says:

    Funny, PBR.

    Yes, I knew kids in grade school w/hair bowls like that. Their Moms were usually divorced, and worked as the school counselor. Very sad as that kid’s head was screaming for a pompadour, rather then looking like a certain androgynous PBS kids cartoon character.

  4. Jen says:

    @clawd re: “Maybe he didn’t have a choice either” My point exactly. Hence the “sadistic motherfucker.” Hopefully this singing show will free this little birdy from his creepy attic dwelling and his bowl cut-giving captors.

    That said, I cut off my hair and had a bowl cut at 19–by choice–and it was awesome (oops, I’m bragging). It’s not bowl cuts per se that are a problem. I think they’re very hot on women, actually.

  5. Cindy says:

    This kids got some serious pipes!!

    @Jen…I’m suddenly sad I no longer have my bowl cut!

  6. clawd says:

    ohhhh sorry sorry, misread that. I thought your were hating on poor Yu Chun. my bad.

    In that case, I agree with your sadistic mf comment.

    Dude, you got the face to rock a bowl cut. Me? I’d be the “androgynous PBS kids cartoon character” Friggles was talking about.

    p.s. and I know, i’ll work on reducing the number of “sorry’s” I say in day (it really must be a Canadian thing).

  7. Friggles says:

    Yeah, they ARE hot on women. Women and the late Brian Jones. Sadly, not on li’l yu Chan.

  8. Kwan says:

    holy cow that was frighteningly awesome. bowl cut fits the kid. I remember I got a bowl cut and giant glasses in high school just to be even more freaky fuck you bigots looking – with tie, dickies and so much confused angst, ah the good old days.

  9. Le says:

    OMG that was beautiful. I think I just jizzed in my pants!

  10. filmbeats says:

    It’s obvious “xiao pang”‘s hairstyle was inspired by the one and only Hong Kong Fever of Notorious MSG.

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