What Do Men Know About Love? Just Ask ‘Em.

March 23rd, 2010 | 12 comments | Posted by Diana

My friend Abe has been working on a new video project/site called The Man’s Guide To Love, which launched this month and will evolve over the next year. He and three other filmmakers ask hundreds of men from around the country to talk, man to man, about love and relationships, and release one new statement a day.

A lot of guys on the site so far seem to think that the best way to keep a woman happy is to nod your head and say nothing more than “Yes, dear.” This horrifies me. It’s the kind of philosophy that causes men to resent their spouses and women to think their husbands are pussies. I mean, I want to be right all the time–but that’s because I’m an Asian and therefore never wrong right all the time, not because some penis-for-brains is too lazy to disagree with me. Ick!

But I don’t quite know how I feel about today’s man, Edward. He’s a 29-year-old with a grungy demeanor, who claims he “always be closin’” with the ladies (which I somehow believe).

Edward says: “You gotta sell dreams… Tell them what they want to hear, just sell them the dream. Put your pride down a little bit, and then tell em what they want to hear, that’s all I gotta say. After that, just keep quiet, keep everything to yourself, y’know, rat to your boys. After that, it’s all good.”

Hunh. What do you think? Weigh in [FYI, the survey below works on Google Chrome and Safari, but seems to be buggy with Firefox]!

Quizzes by Quibblo.com

[The Man's Guide To Love - Official Site]

Thanks, Abe!

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12 Responses to “What Do Men Know About Love? Just Ask ‘Em.”

  1. olives says:

    while it’s kind of a nice idea, the idea of a relationship with a man that agrees with everything you say,… it’s also boring.

    i definitely prefer truth and prefer men who have the balls to challenge what i have to say. but of course there’s a difference between sticking up for what he thinks and just challenging me for the sake of challenging, cause that can just get annoying.

    interesting post though! dating is always such an interesting topic.

  2. isaacakira says:

    “I’m an Asian and therefore never wrong”.
    Nice… any time a woman say I’m wrong because I’m a man, I will use that.

  3. alperryman says:


    Maybe that’s why so many marriages fall flat. That “yes dear” stuff backfires in the long run. No one can keep that up forever. So either the couple turns into one of those tightly wound couples that eventually poison each other or they start blowing up over little stuff and freak out because they’re not used to conflict.

  4. Kwan says:

    booring, its all about the tease even if you do actually agree. Besides, the best thing in any relationship has got to be the unexpected, such as disagreeing but also figuring out how to do it his (her) way too. Also you get great make-up sex. Maybe us fags are a lot less complicated.

  5. [...] Guide to Love Stumbled on this video project via Disgrasian. It interviews individual men and asks them the question “If you had one piece of advice that [...]

  6. Simon says:

    I’d like to apologize on behalf of the male persuasion. The way Edward puts it makes it sound like he’s a jerk, but those words have some truth in them.

    Men don’t have much to work with… if they don’t have the looks or cash, then they’ve got to turn up the charm. So yes, it’s about selling yourself well: Women don’t hang around boring men for long.

    I don’t agree with the whole “nodding head and saying, ‘Yes Dear’”. But the exact opposite won’t make for a happy relationship either. There needs to be a balance between the yes(es) and nos.

    I could talk about my version of love, but a simple paragraph wouldn’t do it justice.

  7. PoweredByRice says:

    I will say anything to my woman if it leads to sex.

    End of story.

  8. noneinaye says:

    ^ Get thee to a nunnery!

  9. dalianmoon says:

    If I ask my husband what he thinks, it’s because I really want to know. I don’t want him to smile and nod and tell me what he thinks I want to hear. He knows this.

    I also occasionally test him to see if he is listening. Sometimes I’ll tell him something and he responds with a distant “really?” or “I know.” So I ask him “what did I just say?” He then responds with “What? I don’t know. I’m sorry.” Busted!

  10. liam says:

    Women are picky. How the hell am I even going to get to a conversation about agree/disagreeing, when I can’t even talk to them? MAKE THE FIRST MOVE DAMN IT, there needs to be more women with balls. It’s 2010. If women want real love, come find me. I have the balls to tell you the truth when we’re comfortable like that, but I do NOT have the balls to even approach women to have a relationship in the first place.

    and this edward guy seems like a scrub to me. fuck that dude.

  11. johnminh says:

    To get the womenz, I smell like the man your man could smell like. Of course, I don’t look like the man your man could smell like …

  12. MacLu says:

    What’s up with all the Edward hate? He’s just a guy trying to get by like all of us, don’t hate on a brother for finding a way that works for him.

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