For A Good Time, Don’t Call Scotty Lago

March 2nd, 2010 | 16 comments | Posted by Diana

Snowboarder Scotty Lago went on Jimmy Kimmel this week to clear the air about those darned racy photos that got him kicked out of the Vancouver Olympics festivities before the closing ceremony.

Medal groupie!? In the interview, Lago says fellow Olympian Michael Phelps recognized the girl from the photos as someone who once posed as a reporter and tried to make out with him. Read: it was that skank’s fault.

Hunh. Lago’s story smacks of one that some cheesedick would tell in a locker room to all of his pimply-faced buddies, trashing the poor girl he convinced to blow him the night before. “Oh yeah, she was gagging for it!”

I mean, let’s just say this girl is the sloppiest, slobberiest sports slut this side of the podium–she still doesn’t deserve to get sold out when she can’t speak for herself. The little lady may have only pretended to fellate Lago, but she’s the one really getting fucked.

[via HuffPo]


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16 Responses to “For A Good Time, Don’t Call Scotty Lago”

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  2. anthony says:

    Seems like a “I only date white guys” chick I sometimes bump into. Would do anything for white guys attention but looks down on asian males. Stupid, stupid girl. I feel sorry for her

  3. asian goddess says:

    That woman must really have a thing for Olympic athletes… Too bad she ends up being fucked, as you would say…

  4. huang says:

    “It is what it is”

    Oh that’s brilliant. I did not expect anything more coming out of this dude’s mouth than some cliched, meaningless response.

  5. K-Rage says:

    Judge much? Jesus. Doesn’t sound like you’re sorry or feel any empathy towards THIS young woman, the one discussed in the post, not the white dude obsessed one you reference. Keep your judgments and projections to yourself. End.

    As Diana stated above, it’s a shame that she doesn’t have an outlet to defend herself. Athletes like Phelps and Lago are on the receiving (ha!) end of such advances from women, yet condemn them to the dismissive label of slut, whore, groupie, etc. The fuck, man? Appreciate that affection, Lago, because the next time a pair of lips is on your dick, it, instead of your bronze medal, might be impaled by some teeth.

  6. dalianmoon says:

    Is Scotty Lago a recent graduate of the John Mayer school of douchebaggery?

  7. sarahsome says:

    he didn’t deserve to be sold out and treated the way he was by the U. S. Olympic committee

  8. LnrTo says:

    oh, I’m afraid this story only gets worse. And all the more…disgraceful. The reporter that Phelps was referring to, and who Lago now thinks is the same girl who “tried to make out with him,” is actually Vancouverite Elaine “Lainey” Lui from Unfortunately, the both of them seem to suffer from the all-too-common (and sadly ever-present) inability to distinguish between Asians.

    Read Lainey’s take:

  9. Sophia says:

    Hi, I’ve been reading this site for a while now but never felt the need to respond until now. This whole Phelps/Lago shenanigan reminded me of the time when I was in University and this guy could not for the life of him differentiate between me and this other Asian girl that was in his group. I had short hair (Rihanna short), tan, and 5 inches taller than the other Asian who had long hair and wore glasses and this Caucasian (from the States- don’t know if this is significant but I’m Canadian and I haven’t met any guys here that couldn’t tell Chinese people apart yet) guy just COULDN’T tell us apart…for 3 months! It was baffling.

    Anyways, back to this incident. Lainey Lui is the alleged person Phelps told Lago about as the ” reporter poser” that tried to ” make out” with him. The girl in the picture is not her. Lainey is an actual reporter for CTV, the official Canadian network for all things Olympics. She also runs a gossip site called Lainey Gossip and is a reporter for ETalk ( Canadian gossip show). She wrote and extensive piece about this on her site. She has also gone on TV to call Phelps out on it.

    I hope the link works.

  10. Jen says:

    Oh my gaw…this case of Mistasian Identity is PRIME DOTW material. Thank you, guys!!!

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  12. canadian says:

    haha I’m not a big Lainey’s fan – she could be way too trashy sometimes – but she nailed Michael Phelps in that blog post.

    Go Canada!

  13. Diana says:

    un. be. lievable.

  14. Cindy says:

    I think Lainey has earned a Disgrasian guest post.

  15. bella says:

    This chick makes us all look cheap! going down on a freaking bronze winning guy that looks like he still lives out of his moms basement??
    HELL NO!

    …btw, where’s Apollo’s house?

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