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Three years ago this week, Diana and I started DISGRASIAN. I still can’t decide if that seems like a long time ago or just yesterday. A little bit of both maybe. The blog was–and I think still is–an idea hatched from our close friendship and from many, many nights of excessive drinking, mostly brown liquor with an occasional vodka martini thrown in when we were feeling fancy.

To celebrate this special occasian, I thought I’d tell you a little bit about how we got here.

  1. “DISGRASIAN.” Diana made up the word several years before the blog came into being to describe a co-worker who often wore socks with flip-flops to the office and ate cheap instant noodles at her desk every day. The girl’s worst offense, however? She totally lacked charisma–a cardinal sin in Diana’s book.
  2. “You’re a disgrace.  To the race.” We had decided to start the blog.  We had a name.  We agreed that the pages should be a pale yellow.  We even had an Excel spreadsheet (nerds!) listing all the people we could potentially write about on the blog.  But we didn’t have a tagline.  It was the end of the day, Diana was halfway out the door of my house, and we were about to bail on the idea when it came to me.  We didn’t think twice about it, because it was kind of a joke.  You know, like a mockery of a schoolyard taunt.  We didn’t realize how many people would take it so seriously and even be offended by it.  I can’t tell you how many people over the years have begun their hate mail with, “YOU are the disgrace to the race!”  Oh really?  Dude.  If you’re gonna burn me, you gotta do better than throwing down with something that I came up with in, like, half a second, okay?
  3. Sanjaya Malakar. Our very first post, which I wrote, was about Sanjaya.  This points to what’s good and bad about blogs.  They entertain us every day with little tidbits about the stupid shit.  But then again, at the end of the day, it’s just stupid shit.
  4. “Theses” sounds like “feces.” A few months after we started DISGRASIAN, Diana and I realized that we had written our college theses on the same thing: Asian American male identity.  Which is weird because we’re both chicks.  And because neither of us is a typical rah-rah Asian American studies person.  Diana spent most of college on a tour bus with her musician boyfriend, while I frittered away those years trying to figure out what the fuck Foucault was talking about.
  5. Sometimes we’re wrong (though we hate to admit it). We’ve trash-talked a lot of people over the last 3 years, but there are a few we’ve said bitchy things about that we’d probably like to take back.  One person in that category who immediately comes to mind is Lisa Ling.  We’ve made fun of her reporting, her wedding, even her teeth, and yet she still wanted to have lunch with us last year.  She emailed us both directly and opened straightaway with something like, “You wanna actually meet the person you’ve talked so much shit about?”–which fucking killed us.  Instantly we were like, Mad respect for Lisa Ling, she cool, we are not worthy. We love a chick with that kinda balls.
  6. Intern Jasmine. Intern Jasmine started out as a reader.  If I remember correctly, she put us on her blogroll, and I emailed her to thank her, and a friendship came out of that.  The weird thing is, despite exchanging thousands of emails with her, we’ve never met Jasmine, because she lives in Chicago.  But when we do, I have no doubt it will be, as Jasmine would say, awesome!
  7. Even we’re DISGRASIAN sometimes. There are so many ways in which Diana and I are DISGRASIAN. She would put not speaking Vietnamese at the top of her list, and for me, it’s the fact that I haven’t read a book in its entirety in I don’t know how many years. A couple, at least. Maybe as long as we’ve been doing this blog. So it’s true what people say–the internet really does rot your brain!
  8. We’re also apparently nice people. The one thing we hear all the time from people we meet who only know us through the blog is that we’re nicer than we seem.  I suppose this is better than the other way around.
  9. This post is our 3,385th. Divided by three years, that averages out to 3.09 posts a day.  (Yes, I had to do that on a calculator–did you actually think that Diana and I were really any good at math?)
  10. The master plan. We have none.  People always like to ask where we think this blog is headed, but fuck if we know.  When we started it three years ago, I think we both thought it would last for about a minute.  It was just another way to amuse ourselves, you know?  We’re still constantly amazed that people bother to read it.  And for that we thank you, dear readers. Thanks for sticking around and sticking by us. Thanks for checking in even when the site looked like a piece of shit designed by two dumbass html-illiterates. Thanks for listening to our stupid shit. And thank you for all the love you’ve shown us over the last three years–we are not worthy.

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  1. jozjozjoz says:

    Happy birthdasian, Disgrasian!

    <3 <3 <3

  2. davidzhou says:


  3. Shayera says:

    Three already? Happy birthday!

  4. karms says:

    So did that lunch date with LL happen?

    BTW you guys are my teeth role models.

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  6. joseaqui says:

    Happy Birthday Disgrasian!!!!

  7. Jamie says:

    Happy birthday! 3 is the magic number.

  8. johnminh says:

    Happy birthday! I love Disgrasian! You ladies only need to keep it up for 15 more years before I can legally marry this blog. Or be rejected like what normally happens. :p

  9. singdancesteal says:

    Happy birthday to one of my favourite blogs since almost the very beginning!
    Funny enough, it’s my birthday today too!

  10. prometheus says:

    happy b-day, cousins! :D

  11. Nomindle says:

    You guys are so awesome!!

  12. dalianmoon says:

    Happy birthday to Disgrasian! I love reading what you have to say because you remind me of my girlfriends. The things you say remind me of how we talk. You strike the perfect balance between entertaining and informing. Thank you for writing such an enjoyable blog.

  13. asian goddess says:

    Awww, thank YOU guys! I love reading your “stupid shit!”

  14. nskripchun says:

    happy birthday, DISGRASIAN!

    keep rep’n.

  15. Cindy says:

    Happy Birthday!!! Here’s to another three years of your total awesomeness!!!

  16. gobearz says:

    Happy Bday!
    you should post your theses (and not your feces, please)

  17. CeciWang says:

    Congratulations! Many years of great writing and friendship to
    come. Disgrasian enriched my life!!!

  18. Simon says:

    Happy birthday Disgrasian! My loves <3

  19. farleyk says:

    I saw the small lead-in picture, and said to myself, “Oh, look, Jen and Diana look so happy, that’s an awesome picture”. But, wait, when I get the full image, Diana is flipping me off! Oh, well, guess I deserve it. Heh heh.
    Besides, they’re so adorable.

  20. more_bears_please says:

    Hello. Thank you for so many words and pictures about small monochrome bears, My Bloody Valentine, Foucault, Elvis Costello and Jen’s lovely moon face.

    More please!

  21. Willis Bullard says:

    Yeehaw. Heehaw. Good work thursday night D, that was an epic one. I think that there were many people, that were deeply touched by the stories and banter. Mainly the bartender at brian’s basement, I think he was shocked about the fisting conversation. Get back up here and see the kid again. And, bring Jen and Dave, and that dude Maris. As long as he still has a beard.

  22. Jampa says:

    Thanks for all these years!

  23. megnma2te says:

    Happy Birthday Disgrasian!!! You guys rock. You’re like my morning cup of coffee, except you make me laugh.

  24. Maeko says:

    Happi, happi, Disgrasian! I am so proud of what you two have accomplished here!

    Happi Blogiversar-asian!

  25. madison010101 says:

    good job! keep it up

  26. aptkane says:

    Ladies, a very sincere, happy Birtherversary. I have to say, I’ve been a fan since nearly day 155 (or so, when I first started reading) and have never turned back. Since then, I’ve been a daily (or more!) reader and more importantly, look to you two for inspiration when I write.

    Keep on Keeping on you two.


  27. Friggles says:

    You guys still diggin on The Small Faces, Kinks, The Flying Burrito Bros and all that stuff?

  28. Spice says:

    Happy Birthday!! Absolutely love the blog.

  29. rockmanj says:

    Congrats on 3 years!

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