ROCK OF ASIAN: Did Girls’ Generation (SNSD) Scoop Rihanna?

January 27th, 2010 | 7 comments | Posted by Diana

AllKPop has posed an important intellectual property question: Did Korean gal group Girls’ Generation (aka So Nyeo Shi Dae or SNSD) rip a song off of Rihanna? The songs in question are SNSD’s chart-topper “Oh!” and Rihanna’s sizzling hot “Shut Up And Drive,” both of which sample New Order’s classic new wave hit “Blue Monday.”

Our brutish ears might be too simple to make a conclusive determination on this one, but hell, we don’t care all that much!  What we’re really fascinated by is the mashup.

Some beat whiz at AllKPop produced an awesome, nerdy, well-organized YouTube video documenting both sides of the coin, allowing netizens to make their own educated decisions on the matter. They include selections of each video (which are both short-short euphorias and color hue smorgasbords), then juxtapose them atop one another at 133 rpm and a leveled pitch.

It can’t be just us… the result is like ear and eye candy. No, ear and eye crank. Why don’t we just have everybody call a truce?

[via ONTD]
[AllKPop: Oh! My Gee Did SNSD Plagiarize Rihanna?]

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7 Responses to “ROCK OF ASIAN: Did Girls’ Generation (SNSD) Scoop Rihanna?”

  1. Friggles says:

    You can’t lose w/Korean cheerleaders, alright? It’s pure sugar pop. Rihanna’s version is a generic ripoff of said song. Even the video is paint by numbers compared to G.G’s techno colored bubblegum dream blop.
    The world could learn a lot from cheerleading Korean girl groups. If only people would listen.

  2. Liu Jing says:

    People are listening and noting the latest Korean ripoff of western artists. Friggles has no clue.

  3. Liu Jing says:

    Rihanna’s “Shut Up and Drive” was released as a single in June 2007. SNSD debuted as a group in July 2007. If liars ever shut up they could study simple arithmetic!

  4. Friggles says:

    Don’t knock the rock. The GGers simply have a better song and video. So what if they nicked it from a generic r-n-b schlock meister. You just have questionable taste, Liu Jing. I bet you even raised a hissy huff when Grover from Sesame Street covered ‘Welcome To the Jungle’.

  5. Liu Jing says:

    So what? The Korean plop machine has a musical hook deficiency so it keeps a feed on output from the US, Netherlands, or Sweden, or wherever pop/rap/rnb writers put out the shingle (guess they have a taste for it) Go on call that generic or manufactured, then tell how kplop singers and bboys all write their own stuff back in da hood, and are getting “nicked” all the time by the rest of the world. Regardless kplop is grabbing from western entities time and time again.

  6. Friggles says:

    The U.S and U.K are countries w/the most pop output. France is catching up quick. Great stuff coming out of there. But most pop today is pretty much shit. Especially the tepid r-n-b that we’re producing in this country. If Jpop and Kpop wanna tweak what’s already crap, then why not? But yes, I know what you’re saying. I think though that in general Asians are known for taking someone else’s idea and making it better. Even when it comes to pop. At least today’s pop.

  7. djempirical says:

    they both ripped off Divine!


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