DISGRASIAN OF THE WEAK! That Nerdy Little O’Keefe Gang

January 29th, 2010 | 0 comments | Posted by Diana

Early twenty-something boys don’t catch a lot of breaks, it’s true. Sure, they’ve started wearing ties to work–but they’re still making coffee. They spend dinner on the couch with $5 footlongs, a bong, the roommate who shits twice as much and never buys toilet paper. They have unexplainable indoor furniture (1980s rolling desk, black entertainment stand, armless teal fabric La-Z-Boy knockoff) on their outdoor balcony. Their early twenty-something ex-girlfriend is now (joyfully) screwing a thirty-something with a tastefully furnished starter house and an Audi.

Ah, dude life after college.

So there’s a part of me that understands why the four guys in the “O’Keefe Gang” (that little nickname is just so adowwable) dressed up as telephone company workers to tap Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu’s federal building phones (no, they did not crib this saucy ploy from a Martin Lawrence film), in hopes of embarassing her and taking widespread Conservatard credit for it–typically the kind of instant notariety that only causing a public smear of a non-profit fighting institutionalized disenfranchisement or creating the world’s biggest timesuck can earn you. They wanted to be important! They wanted to count for something! AWW!

Man oh man, what an EPIC FAIL for these poor saps. I mean, it’s bad enough that their little caper simply, laughably sucked (Lesson for the future: wearing bad costumes, saying credentials are “in the car,” asking suspicious, unrelated-to-phone-company questions (I SWEAR, I SWEAR, I SWEAR this is not from a Martin Lawrence movie), and looking like a bunch of unscrupulous virgins up to no good will inevitably expedite your apprehension in an illegal wiretapping attempt).

But the fallout for these jokers has been so much worse. Blogs and news sources alike are having a field day re-posting those ridiculous photos of James O’Keefe in his lame-ass pimp costume and doing dramatic readings of Stan Dai’s anti-feminist “Penis Monologues” rant. Robert Flanagan will probably be disowned, or at least repeatedly flogged, by his father. Poor Joseph Basel has been virtually ignored in the coverage because there doesn’t seem much to report on that guy besides the fact that he’s got one big ol’ bobblehead. And conservative movers and shakers quickly distanced themselves from the fledgling activists, denouncing them publicly in every medium possible–the opposite of throwing a parade. The opposite of calling the “gang” important!

Worse, the Senator Lady they were trying so hard to embarrass flipped the coin, calling the guys’ excuses “feeble.” Ouch. Landrieu didn’t stop there:

The fact remains that they perpetrated a false identity scheme on building security by posing as telephone workers and attempted to manipulate the phones in her office. The only people these four individuals have embarrassed are themselves and their families.

And perhaps worst of all, we learned today that after being released on bail, O’KEEFE HAS BEEN ORDERED TO LIVE WITH HIS PARENTS. At least until the next hearing.

Oh man, kids today just can’t catch a break!

[Washington Post: Conservative Activist Admits To Role In Video Caper In Sen. Landrieu's Office]
[TPM: Landrieu Blasts "O'Keefe Gang"]
[TPM: Stan Dai Presents "The Penis Monologues"]
[LAT: Conservatives Distance Themselves From Arrested Activist]
[Politics Daily: James O'Keefe Released On Bond, Ordered To Live With Parents Until February Hearing]

Thanks, @postracialist and @atslien!

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