Sarah Palin Makes Us Uncomfortable

December 7th, 2009 | 12 comments | Posted by Diana

A young Sarah Palin’s reason for spending only one semester at the Hawaii Pacific University is under debate after The New Yorker’s Sam Tanhauser revealed this gem of info in a comparison of Palin’s autobiography, Going Rogue: An American Life, and Scott Conroy and Shushannah Walshe’s career examination, Sarah From Alaska:


She is equally circumspect on the issue of ethnicity, pointing out that Todd, whom she met in high school, is “part Yupik Eskimo” and opened her to the “social diversity” of Alaska. (Wasilla is more than eighty per cent white.)Palin, though notoriously ill-travelled outside the United States, did journey far to the first of the four colleges she attended, in Hawaii. She and a friend who went with her lasted only one semester. “Hawaii was a little too perfect,” Palin writes. “Perpetual sunshine isn’t necessarily conducive to serious academics for eighteen-year-old Alaska girls.” Perhaps not. But Palin’s father, Chuck Heath, gave a different account to Conroy and Walshe. According to him, the presence of so many Asians and Pacific Islanders made her uncomfortable: “They were a minority type thing and it wasn’t glamorous, so she came home.” In any case, Palin reports that she much preferred her last stop, the University of Idaho, “because it was much like Alaska yet still ‘Outside.’ ”

Frankly, we’re neither surprised nor terribly bothered by the fact that Palin was freaked out by all them minorities in, uh, HAWAII (and yes, we keep imagining her saying, “but in the movies, everyone in Hawaii is blonde!!”). If we were her, being surrounded so many people with actual functioning brains, non-toxic attitudes, perpetual tans and lovely skin would have made us want to cut and run, too!

[New Yorker: North Star - Populism, Politics, And The Power of Sarah Palin]
[via Huffpo]

Thanks, Jasmine, G Scott, Karen, JC, Stephanie and Phil!

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12 Responses to “Sarah Palin Makes Us Uncomfortable”

  1. johnminh says:

    Dude! Had I known how uncomfortable she is around my yellow ass, I would have made it to her book signing here last Friday to turn up the uncomfortableness.

  2. dalianmoon says:

    People like her give white people a bad name. What a narrow-minded, ignorant fool.

  3. kissthestick says:

    tsk tsk, then again i guess most white people would feel the same

  4. sarah palin (or Plain-Lin) is a inbredded control freak intolorent control freak who just really feels vaguely uncertain around certin people, she would not last at all let alone her unfuctioning dwindling brain of hers.

  5. m says:

    Actually she was at Hawaii Pacific University not UH. It probably wasn’t much fun discovering that haoles are the minority.

  6. prometheus says:

    Well, big surprise that she’s racist too. Didn’t expect it to be to that extent in that woman, but hey!

  7. dalianmoon says:

    @kissthestick – As a white woman, I take exception to that. Actually, most white people I know don’t have any big fear or prejudice against other races. I think most of us are no more or less racist as a whole than any other race.

  8. Tristan says:

    I don’t get the “wasn’t glamorous” comment. That seems kind of arbitrary. If Sarah Palin, in all her beauty queen splendor, genuinely believed college would be “glamorous,” then I think that’s kind of sadly amusing.

    That said, let’s get back to the snark. WHO SAYS ASIANS AREN’T GLAMOROUS? Shit, I know some ladies who go jogging in muthafuckin’ pumps.

  9. Diana says:

    fixed, m. thanks!

  10. nerdette says:

    I can’t wait to meet Palin now! All I have to do is hug her to make her scared! LOVE IT.

  11. keoni says:

    We don’t care what she thinks here. If you can’t handle it- leave. We are better off without the small minded people.

  12. Surly Curmudgen says:

    Is the sky blue? Is water wet? do those on the left lie? My but the progressives are afraid of her and now with Cain up in the polls the are in full panic. Wonder what lies they will make up about Cain?

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