Guess It’s Settled: Miley Was Just Smiling With Her Eyes, Really Really Hard

November 20th, 2009 | 13 comments | Posted by Diana

It was announced today that Lucie Kim’s $4 million dollar lawsuit against Miley Cyrus–which we knew in our hearts she would never win–was thrown out by Los Angeles judge Robert Sohigian today.

Fierce. Fierce!

Fierce. Fierce!

Sohigian “was not convinced Cyrus had violated a state law protecting citizens from discrimination by businesses,” and tossed the case without so much as a stern talking-to about social responsibility, the significance of buck-teef and slit eyes, or a verbal list of things that toothy, chubby-faced Disney troll-models should not do…especially in front of cameras.

So it’s likely that what Cyrus will take away from this experience is a big, fat PHEW! And a cheerful reminder that when you’re famous, you can do really stupid, shitty, racist crap and never, ever be sorry for it.

[AFP: Judge Dismisses Miley Cyrus 'slant eyes' suit]

Thanks, Jasmine and Kelly!

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13 Responses to “Guess It’s Settled: Miley Was Just Smiling With Her Eyes, Really Really Hard”

  1. madison010101 says:

    I think u overreact a bit. I’m Asian and I don’t find that racist, let’s not forget she’s a KID and kid joke around all the time, even we Asians make joke about other Asians. Just because she’s a celebrity doesn’t mean she have to be an example for anyone….

  2. dalianmoon says:

    You know, if Miley has put on blackface (which would be equally terrible, wrong and racist, of course), her career would be over. That’s what pisses me off. Even though I’m white, my husband is Chinese, and we have two sons who look more Asian than caucasian. I do worry about the way people will treat them, knowing of some of the racism my husband faced. What Miley did might seem like a small thing to some, but it’s all a part of the big, ugly picture.

  3. Jen says:

    Let’s not forget Miley’s a kid who raked in $25 million last year and has an inordinate amount of influence on other kids. Also, Asians making fun of other Asians/themselves is not the same as Miley throwing the chink-eye.

  4. Cindy says:

    Miley should probably take a little of her $25 Million and get a little diversity training. Should we call Carmen @newdemographic for a little one on one session?

    (I’m with you Jen!)

  5. bucketface says:

    Damn, but you’re a sensitive lot. Remind me not to make any jokes around y’all. I’m Asian and not only am I not offended, this seems like something I’d do with my friends. The worst thing that could be said about it is that’s it’s extremely un-PC but as far as that goes, this doesn’t look like it was ever intended for the public to see. And that’s fine, because what kind of nutso expects celebrities to be completely unthreatening and inoffensive in every moment of their private lives? It’s unfortunate the picture was leaked, that’s all.

    And I find it interesting what people are reading into it. I think my favourite comment was “he is clearly the token Asian friend who is not equal to anyone else, they just keep him around so they can say they’re not racist”. Really? You can tell that much from one photo? tl;dr everyone is crazy.

  6. tamioka says:

    Sorry, “extremely un-PC” and never intended for the public does not make this better. Maybe little ol’ “Smiley” and her friends didn’t think there was anything wrong with making this face at the time, but that alone is a problem itself. Seriously, if they’re not trying to imitate a stereotype of Asians, what else are they trying to communicate? It’s sad that we’re still not past these simple and stupid stereotypes and that these instances just get dismissed by many people.

  7. Simon says:

    Miley Cyrus is a celebrity. Not only that, but the mere mention of her name will send any underaged girl into a hysterical frenzy. As a Disney sponsored TV/movie star and icon/role model for younger girls, she has the responsibility to act mature in public.

  8. ellie says:

    I think that its different if its your own background that you’re making fun of. I make fun of asians and whites all the time, but its because my mother is korean and my father is american. However, this is the 2nd time (maybe I’m wrong) that Miley has made the mistake of doing something stupid and it got leaked to the public (remember the twizzler photos?) Don’t you think she would learn? And Madison, just because she’s a kid doesn’t make it okay. The people with her don’t look like kids either, one of them is holding a wine glass. If any other kids went out and publicly made any other kind of racist or sexist jokes, they would be reprimanded. She shouldn’t get off so easily.

  9. bucketface says:

    Seriously, if they’re not trying to imitate a stereotype of Asians, what else are they trying to communicate?

    Yes, that’s exactly what they’re doing. The only one who doesn’t have squinty eyes is the Asian. It’s funny, see? Ha ha ha.

    I agree that she should do her best to act mature because of all the media attention that she gets, but the flip side of that is that any little slip-up she makes gets blown into a shitstorm. Remember the nude pictures? I thought they were pretty tasteful. It’s unfair to her to say that she should think of the children when the only reason “the children” have seen the chinky-eyes photo is because it’s been pasted up everywhere by other people.

  10. prometheus says:


    I mean, on one hand, it’s wrong. on the other hand, should we actually care? it’s not like thicker skin is bad for us.

    then again, beyond support for pushing more minorities into mainstream or otherwise appropriate hollywood roles, i’ve never been one to pay attention to celebs. let alone a tween i’ve never heard of.

    but yeah, given that she’s influencing tween girls, some reprimanding action was definitely needed

  11. madison010101 says:

    I still don’t think it’s fair that we pick on her. This picture, obviously not meant to publish for the public to see, was done in a private setting with her friends, and yes, the Asian guy in the pic is totally in on it too. How she acts around her friends is none of our business, most of us act stupid around our own friends too. Just because she happen to have influence on kids do not meant she have to be a role model. That’s what parents are for. Demanding an apology…come on, we have bigger things to worry about than some stupid American kid pulling her eyes.

  12. aptkane says:

    Well I mean…its wrong to do period, but I certainly am guilty of doing things like this with my Asian friends (and wife) – usually in the midst of jokes about our races – I mean, a sense of humor makes the world go round.

    I’m sick of hearing about Miley, and again this is wrong, but its not 4 million wrong..that’s for sure.

    Meh, I’m sure I’m missing a point somewhere, but she should just be more aware of what situations she’s in.

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