DISGRASIAN OF THE WEAK! The Bachmann Tea Party Signs

November 6th, 2009 | 11 comments | Posted by Diana

HuffPo has culled together the best-spelled worst of the worst protest signs from Michele Bachmann’s Tea Party yesterday, which was designed to “scare members of Congress” into voting against healthcare reform.

Our top three:



We share this country with jackholes that see no difference between a viable public health insurance option,  an environment in which tens of millions of people were politically purged, and genocide.

We’re no Congresswomen, but that’s fucking scary as shit to us.

[HuffPo: Michele Bachmann Tells Supporters to "Scare Congress" At Protest]

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11 Responses to “DISGRASIAN OF THE WEAK! The Bachmann Tea Party Signs”

  1. Simon says:

    Some of the protestors are misinformed and uneducated/ignorant… like the rest of America. The difference is that they’re willing to make a stand for what they believe in, unlike the apathetic nonvoting people who complain the day after elections. Even if we don’t like their political views, we still have to get tolerate or get along with them (until they do something stupid and get convicted and become disenfranchised by the government for committing a felony and therefore removing them from the voting pool).

  2. kissthestick says:

    messed up world we live in :(

  3. Friggles says:

    The irony is when comparing Obama to Hitler, these clowns keep forgetting they’re white supremacists/closet Nazis, but will use the “Hitler card’ when it suits them. Yet the doctrine they abide by is completely pro white, gun collecting, anti-immigrant, “Grandpa served in the Wehrmacht”. You can’t win for losing w/this bunch.

  4. dalianmoon says:

    Those assholes keep comparing Obama to Mao. But do they not notice that they live in a country where they can speak their insane views about the government? Unlike the years following 9/11, where it seemed that anyone who dared to speak up against Bush’s actions was attacked as unAmerican. (the Dixie Chicks come to mind.)

  5. aptkane says:

    Bush was compared to Hitler too. *sigh*…Actually – comparing any political figure in the United States to Hitler is just plain absurd. Maybe we need to just go ahead an bury that “card” for good.

  6. amanduh says:

    I’ll pay $1,000 to anyone who was in that crowd who can actually define “Maoism” and explain its main tenets. Do you suppose I’ll ever have any takers?…

  7. xyien says:

    Health care reform is desperately needed, because the current model is simply unsustainable. Anyone with a brain would see that, but the problem is that the White House has not done a good job of explaining to Americans what is the best method of bringing about the change. Given the current economic woes and the obscene amount of national debt, the health care reform advocates understandably scare a lot of people.

  8. Feedbucket says:

    Someone needs to teach these idiots calling Obama a Commie Nazi that the Communist Party and Nazi party are actually diametric opposites.

    ARGH. What a bunch of morons.

  9. Cindy says:

    I actually wonder how many of the dufus butts with a sign know that Mao is dead. So Obama communes with the dead? Mixed race commie medium for a president. Hmmmm? Sounds perfect.

    You also have to wonder about someone who would make a 20 foot banner of bodies in a Nazi concentration camp and think, “Yeah, that’s great. That’s perfect. I like it.” That IS scary shit.

  10. What a bunch of absent minded retards, they need to have a little patience and faith, and they need to use accurate research before they compare our prez to either hitler or mao, instead they’re just lazy @$$wipes.

  11. xyien says:

    It’s easy to make fun of these demonstrators. It’s not so easy to entrust the reform at the hands of either Democrat or Republican party. How many health care reform supporters actually read the House Health Care bill? I admit I haven’t read it, and don’t plan to read that 1990-page monster in the future. I read the summary of it yesterday, and felt as if I got punched in the stomach afterward. Then I found out that, although the bill was passed, 39 Democrats voted against it. I looked up what Dem Rep. Kuchinich had to say. I agree with him completely.

    Kucinich Denounces Health Care Sell-Out by Pelosi and the House Dems

    Under the misleading title of “Health Care Reform” the Obama Administration and Congressional Democrats have given the insurance companies the biggest boost in history, and screwed ordinary Americans. Congressman Dennis Kucinich has the courage to explain why.

    Kucinich: Why I Voted NO


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