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In honor of our site redesign, we present a new, semi-regular feature on dumbassery we’re calling “DISGWITTER of the Weak.” Disgwitter, as in the stupid Tweets people who should know better end up posting anyway. Our first victim perpetrator? UCLA freshman football player, Randall Carroll.

norm chow v. randall carroll
Over the weekend, wide receiver Carroll got busted for bitching on Twitter about his offensive coordinator, Coach Norm Chow, to a top high school recruit. It was reported by the LA Times that Carroll, who was heavily recruited himself, used a “racial epithet” to describe Chow.  The Times reposted this edited version of Carroll’s Tweet (after his account was quickly deleted):

“man oregon, stanford and cal should have been easy wins ,, but [expletive] thys [racial slur] norm chow dnt be trustin us ,, so it is what it is.”

We kinda naturally assumed that the slur Carroll, who is black, directed at Chow, who is of Chinese descent, was “chink.”

Well, not exactly.

It took a little digging, but then we found another version of the same LA Times piece, only instead of saying Carroll had used a “racial epithet,” it said Carroll had used “the N-word.”

Screen shot 2009-10-27 at 1.19.41 PMRacial epithet version

Screen shot 2009-10-27 at 1.19.24 PMN-word version

Well, not exactly, either.

Here’s a screen grab (via The Couch QB) of what Carroll actually Tweeted:


Okay, so Oprah wouldn’t approve.

But really, Carroll’s biggest blunder is not understanding that 1) Twitter is, um, like, public and 2) he just pissed off the dude who holds the keys to his future.  Maybe it’ll all turn out okay in the end, however, because it’s been reported that Carroll and Chow have already kissed and made up.

What do you think? Did they hug it out and say to one another, “You still my [racial slur]“?

[LA Times: Tweet from UCLA player's account uses racial epithet for Norm Chow]

[The Couch QB: Randall Carroll Calls Norm Chow His Nigga]

Thanks, Cate!  Thanks, Neaato Org!

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6 Responses to “DISGWITTER OF THE WEAK! UCLA’s Randall Carroll”

  1. Yumyumcha says:

    Lame…this isn’t even a racial issue but thanks for clearing this story up – My nigga (as said by denzel washington).

  2. BlasianBytch says:

    Wow, bad journalism on the part of the people that reported this.

  3. Jen says:

    Yeah, it’s like being super-PC in the reporting of this actually turned it into a racial issue.

  4. phomasta says:

    Wat da pho

    kid these day have no manner

    no respect for elder!

  5. HBKop says:

    Just wanted to say this Disgrasian story and everyone’s comments are so right on. As a journalist who had to deal with this story over the weekend, I found it annoying the mainstream media wasn’t more specific, and I had to come here to get to the bottom of things. I wrote a piece about having to cover the story, and reached many of the same conclusions expressed here. I also talk more about the gray line journalists walk between being specific and being politically correct that I wanted to share: http://hbkoplowitz.com/LIC/dicktit.html

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