I Shame, You Shame, We All Shame…

December 9th, 2008 | 0 comments | Posted by Diana

Something that became evident–and not for the first time–during our panel last weekend with the East West Players (see event photo, right): People sometimes seem a bit bewildered when Jen and I talk about how DISGRASIAN got started–originally, we had imagined the site as a kind of Smoking Gun-style hit list, calling out disgraceful Asians with photographic evidentiary support and a thorough list of offenses. Y’know, like an always-evolving public tome of disappointment that could, arguably, shame the offenders into better behavior.

But of course, the minute we got started knocking out William Hung and Heroes’ Hiro, we realized that our task of doling out Asian shame–at least in our sphere, which includes pretty much everybody–was not going to be so simple. And here we are today!

Still, we often hear a lot of “Y’all are so mean!” and “Jeez… Do those people really deserve it, though? Are they really that bad?” or “Sorry, I just can’t help but like Ann Curry” and “I don’t see why you guys hate Masi Oka so much… he’s not that embarrassing.” We get angry mail from Malkin supporters, Gwen Stefani fans, and loathers of the word “fuck.” And eeeevvvery once in awhile, there’s just some dickbag that very simply hates us, like the doucheface on Saturday that felt it necessary to tell Jen curtly that he doesn’t read our blog (I attribute it to feelings of inadequacy based on unusually small genitalia).

And in response: Hey, we don’t do a lot of apologizing, but I do think we do a lot of explaining for our good deeds. Seriously, though, what’s to explain? People do dumb, disgraceful, stuff, and their actions bring the rest of us shame. It’s only right they be forced to feel ashamed, too. We’re not alone in thinking this!

How do I know we’re not alone, you ask? Well, for instance, those cool non-partisan peeps at the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) just released their annual list of 2008′s Most Embarrassing Re-Elected members of Congress, calling out government folks for abusing their power and, ultimately, shaming themselves and their country. Like A PUBLIC HIT LIST OF SHAME, CALLING OUT MEMBERS OF CONGRESS FOR THEIR DISGRACEFUL DEEDS, IF YOU WILL.

HUNH! We think it’s just swell. And we figure, maybe DISGRONGRESSPEOPLE.com just doesn’t roll off the tongue well enough to use it.

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