Thai Protestasian

November 26th, 2008 | 0 comments | Posted by Jen

What the hai is goin’ on in Thailand? Thousands of protesters have taken to the street, calling for the resignasian of poncho-wearing Prime Minister Somchai Wongsawat. They’ve also taken over the main Bangkok airport and shut it down. General Anupong Paochinda, head of the Army, has asked Somchai to resign and dissolve his parliament, and rumors abound of a possible coup (the last coup, a bloodless one, happened here in 2006).

Meanwhile, two explosions went off in the airport Tuesday, injuring 4 people, and, on Wednesday in Chiang Mai, a Reuters journalist reported seeing protesters in yellow shirts (a tradition) pull a 60 year-old man from his car, shoot and kill him.

After reading these scary tales of upheaval and violence, I was taken aback when I saw this picture in the NY Times of those yellow-shirted protesters who had made, in the Times‘ words, the “seizure of the airport”:

Um, okay…really? Cuz all these protesters kinda look like our Moms, with their sun hats and their kerchiefs and their sporty sunglasses and that orange hair. They don’t look like they’re about to overthrow the government, they look like they’re about to go on a power-walk in their subdivisions. Or like they’re at some badminton tournament where they’ve brought their own noisemakers–those adorable clackers shaped like a hand–which also, I suspect, double as flyswatters. And look at the woman in front, on the right, flashing a peace sign! Or the lady in green swaying behind her, who looks like my Mom at a Josh Groban concert during “You Raise Me Up,” totally about to lose her shit.

Which leads me back to my original question: WHAT THE HAI IS GOIN’ ON IN THAILAND?!


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