Bai-logging to Death

June 17th, 2008 | 0 comments | Posted by Jen

I’m one of those people who suffers a particular kind of anxiety–an irrational belief that things I care about will go to shit when I’m not watching over them. Disaster will strike, accidents will happen, something will go horribly wrong. You can imagine, then, how difficult it was, in a way, to go on vacation. Never mind that I have a brilliant, hilarious, and capable writing partner in Diana. I knew that she would, as we say around DISGRASIAN HQ, “hold down the fort.” That wasn’t the issue. It was more like, How am I going to unplug? What will I do without email and wifi? How will I live without the news? When I get back, will I remember how to write?

As it turns out, a weird virus did not devour the blog, my house didn’t burn down, nobody died (well, except Tim Russert). Gasoline did go up to $4.50 a gallon, but whatever. My vacation and time away from DISGRASIAN were sorely needed; I don’t want to end up like so many bloggers I know, with no life, no friends, no real experiences, or, worse, so much stress it kills you. That said, yesterday–my first day back–was rough. It didn’t help that I felt like somebody had walloped me with a sledgehammer and then propped me up on pins (fucking jetlag). Also, you take three weeks off, and you don’t know how you feel about anything in “real life” or what the line is between funny, pointless, base, and, worst of all, emo.

So, while trying to figure out the distinction between honest and earnest, I found myself on Bai Ling’s blog. (I realize that I just worded that like someone who gets busted by the popo and says, “And suddenly, I found myself with a tranvestite hooker’s mouth around my cock.”) Anyway, I went there because, after being gone for 3 weeks, I was curious as to what homegirl had been up to. And, more importantly, why through my sporadic interaction with world news, I hadn’t gotten wind of her usual bai-tshit behavior: shoplifting double-A batteries from an airport kiosk, slipping a nipple at a charity function, or wearing, say, a pink tutu paired with a triangle top made out of something weird like…bacon strips.

I learned from her blog that the reason you haven’t heard much from Bai lately is because she’s shooting a movie in Thailand. Wait, Bai still makes movies? I also learned while I had the transvestite hooker’s mouth around my cock that Bai is quite the prolific…blogger. In 2007, the year she started her blog (like us), she had over 1000 posts. Just like us. In June 2008, she actually posted…MORE THAN DISGRASIAN.

*passes out*


Let me put it another way:


Dude, that is seriously fucked. The shame, the humiliasian. When I found this out, I wondered if it was possible to drink myself to death consuming Robitussin or if that would only make me act stupid like a high school kid at her first warehouse rave. Once I settled on the latter, I decided one thing, one thing for sure, which is that I’m NEVER going on vacation again.


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