DISGRASIAN OF THE WEAK! Under One Roof (And Yes, We’re Callin’ Su a Ho)

April 25th, 2008 | 0 comments | Posted by Diana

We’re hardly the first people to bang our heads in disbelief/horror at television’s latest bucket-o-disgrace Under One Roof (not to be confused with the Japanese, Singaporean, and American sitcoms of the same name from the 90s). This is probably due to a) the fact that nobody has ever seen or heard of the show (it airs on the D-list of “sorta” TV nets, MyNetworkTV) b) star Flava Flav has pretty low standards anyway (I suppose this goes without saying) and c) people barely care about good sitcoms, and nobody gives a soft, smelly shit about bad ones.

We’re a bit surprised, however, that few people have given comment to Su Ho, the irreverent houskeeper character of the show, who’s half Dude, Where’s My Car‘s “and then” lady, and half Mickey Blue Eyes‘s “You eat cookie!” woman. MyNTV has even go so far as to build an entire viral marketing campaign around her character (see picture above), in which Rooftards can check out e-cookie fortunes and even send them to their Rooftard friends.

Is anybody actually doing this? Will a human being ever even lay eyes on this drivel? If we felt even an inkling that anybody in the world might ever watch this pile, we might get a little more involved. Angry. Violent. Whatever. Instead, we’re busy celebrating the return of rosé season.

All we’ll say for now is: if we get one of Sung Ho’s fortunes in our inbox, we are gonna go all crazy-nail-salon-kung-fu-dragon-lady on somebody’s ass. We don’t have to know what that means to promise that it’ll happen. Just know that something big will go down.

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Thanks, jRu and Jasmine!

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