…Like Rice on Race

March 31st, 2008 | 0 comments | Posted by Diana

I must say, I let out a little squeal this morning when I saw this headline flicker in a chyron in the CNN ticker:


“Holy crap!” I thought… are they featuring DISGRASIAN on The Situation Room? Is there a report on some form of long-grain that seems pre-determined to be the best? Is the Asian Student Union at Cal staging some kind of protest? All of these stories seemed plausible, wonderful, and intriguing.

But nah. It turns out they meant Condoleezza. Condoleeeeeeezza Rice on race. Got it.

Normally I try not to spend too much time hanging on to the words of this Rice, but I must say I’ve been dying to hear her speak on this particular topic, especially in light of all the “race race race” talk that’s been flooding media outlets of late.

See, I donno if you know this, but Jen and I are women of color and sometimes on this site we try to pipe up for otha ladies of color, and Condee’s a lady of color and we don’t often get to hear her do that very thing. Now here’s a lady that has a very big microphone (or at least the occasional podium) whose boss, according to Kanye, “doesn’t care about black people,” and… I’ve always just been curious about her real story, which includes race perspectives–they take a lifetime to build up (not just a day when “race” is the topic du jour).

The Chicago Tribune‘s ‘The Swamp’ reports:

While saying repeatedly she did not want to discuss the election campaign — “I don’t do politics,” Rice said — and also reiterating her lack of interest in the vice presidential slot, she said the United States had a hard time dealing with racial issues.

“There is a paradox for this country and a contradiction of this country and we still haven’t resolved it,” she said in a detailed reply to questions about Obama and race issues as a whole. “But what I would like understood as a black American is that black Americans loved and had faith in this country even when this country didn’t love and have faith in them, and that’s our legacy.

She also remarked that she found it “important that [Obama] gave [his speech on race in America in response to the Rev. Wright controversy] for a whole host of reasons,” as well as pointed out her own family’s complicated history in this country. Did George W. care about that?

I may not always like what comes from the mouth of this particular Rice, but what she said about race this week actually sounded pretty darn nice to me.


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