Lucy Matters

January 21st, 2008 | 0 comments | Posted by Diana

Lucy Liu recently spoke with The Associated Press about wanting her work to actually matter. A few highlights from the interview:

LUCY: It was never a goal to be out of television or in television.

TRANSLASIAN: If McG or Tarantino aren’t calling, my film career consists of awkward romantic pairings, failed comedy attempts, and lesbian vampire love scenes. At least on TV, people embrace my inability to step out of my modus operandi–that is, my inability to act as anything but a gorgeous, stone-faced, icy bitch.

LUCY: I love doing action movies, I love kung fu, but that doesn’t express who I am as an artist. What about the acting part of it? There’s no green screen in this. It’s just bare-bones work.

TRANSLASIAN: I am tired of people telling me that my Kill Bill performance was my best work, because I barely spoke and soon enough, I was dead. Oh lawdy, I hate my career.

LUCY: [Considering the notion of "having it all] –It’s all very confusing because I think what you want changes.

TRANSLASIAN: Everyone in TV keeps reminding me that after I left Ally McBeal, I yelled, “I’m moving on to films, muthafuckas!!!” while giving them all the finger. Now I kinda wish I’d never done that.

LUCY: What’s happening now with the strike is incredibly important, and sometimes it leads to better things even though there’s going to be a lot of sacrifices in the meantime.

TRANSLASIAN: Oh my God, this Cashmere Mafia show I’m on is so fucking stupid. I’m never going be Carrie Bradshaw and I know it. Why did my agent let me take this job? It is so humiliating. Darren Star, Shmarren Star. These idiots I’m working with wouldn’t know a brilliant scene from a paper bag. I can’t believe it–this series will completely obliterate what’s left of my career, nail in the coffin and all that. I am having a total fucking panic attack. Thank bejeezus for the writers’ strike. I hope upon hope that this show gets canned before another human being lays eyes on it. Can somebody please dial up McG for me?

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