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While most people, ourselves included, have tried over the last eight months to make sense out of what happened at Virginia Tech in April, or put it out of our minds because it’s too horrific to deal with, or get over the fact that Seung Cho was Asian and a lot of people still think that our peeps are waiting to go apeshit on college campuses, Northern Virginia rappers DZK and F.a.T.–aka Red Giants–have come up with the ultimate coping mechanism in “VA Tech Aftermath”: get rich and fuck the dyin’.

The song, which includes a sample of Seung Cho’s videotaped rant against people he perceived as his spoiled, rich peers, contains these really really smart lyrics on how to deal with the horror of that mass murder:

“I bought the plot where they buried this freak/ And installed not one but three ATM machines…

This message is to you in college/ We don’t care about you and your problems/ You can flip out, stressing over some loot/ It doesn’t really matter how many weapons you shoot/ We’re still ballin’/ Hold up, just let me check my wallet/ I left a message for Cho, hope it’s warm in hell for you/ It’s V-A callin’/ We just wanted to tell you ‘still ballin’!”

Awesome idea, guys! I think this is how we should deal with all kinds of tragedy. When bad shit goes down, like when people get killed and stuff, you gotta make as much ca$h money as possible to really show dead mass murderers what’s what. Yeah, that’s right. So all y’all out there better still be ballin’, or bad shit is gonna happen. Or, bad shit’s gonna happen but it don’t matter if your wallet’s fat. Or something along those lines. Sheeit, this is confusing. Maybe this makes no sense. No, it’s a great idea. I’m still ballin’, you’re still ballin’, we’re all still ballin’, so suck it, Seung Cho! Yeah, that’s right. Peace.


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