Project Disgrunway: Two Perspectives

November 30th, 2007 | 0 comments | Posted by Jen

Oh lawdy have we been experiencing technical difficulties down at DISGRASIAN HQ today. Diana’s interwebz went down, I lost my digital camera AND discovered that I had erased–in a cracked-out haze brought on by my sleep medication–Wednesday’s episode of Project Runway, the subject of this post. Plus, it’s raining in L.A., which always makes me think that something disastrous is right around the corner (car wrecks, mudslides, the ruination of suede boots).

But enough about us and our sucky Friday. We all know that the last Project Runway was sartorial vomit, kinda like the caramel-colored mess my dog yakked up on the living room rug after he ate a big beef bone last night. The designers had to create an outfit for ex-New York Giant running back Tiki Barber to wear on-air at his current job, The Today Show. To guide them in this challenge was Ginny Barber, Tiki’s hot Asian wife who clearly calls the shots in the relationship (he cites the fact that he is pussywhipped, er, I mean, that she has a huge influence over his style, about 800 times during the episode).

The Baller and The Ballbuster: A Love Story

When Ginny entered the design studio to meet the designers, Christian, the pocket (as in you-could-put-him-in-yours) gay got all awestruck and later described the encounter like this:

“In came this faaaaabulous asian woman. Who is so tan and gorgeous. I love Asians. Asians are fierce.”

The next day, I received two very different responses to Christian’s Asian Worship in my inbox.

One was from our friend Jasmine, DISGRASIANista extraordinaire, who wrote: “I was all ‘Dude, YES.’”

That was followed by a missive from one of our best gays, “N”: “There was a DISGRASIAN moment last night when Ginny arrived for some nonsense in the studio, prompting the twerpy Christian (who looks like Road Runner on PCP) to say something mindless like ‘I love Asians!’…the whole notion of fierceness as applied to anything other than giant cats in the wild seems thoroughly bankrupt.”

Of course, we’re inclined to agree with Jasmine and make Christian, despite that tragic asymmetrical haircut, our new BFF. But “N” makes a good point. Perhaps it was more of a disgaysian moment than a DISGRASIAN moment. And, I mean, the pictures don’t lie.

Beep Beep!

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