What’s the Opposite of "Bravo?" BOOOOO.

August 28th, 2007 | 0 comments | Posted by Diana

It’s so rare for Jen or me to dislike an honest-to-goodness Gay. For the most part, they’re quite lovely and fun–odds are in favor that they’ll dance with us, they’re frequently good-looking, and even more frequently well-dressed. Sometimes, however, they embarrass us (like Disgaysian hall-of-famer Bobby Trendy) or repress and shame themselves (i.e. Sen. Larry Craig – R)–warranting them a spot on our friend’s sweet blog, Homo Shame.

So when I was first introduced to the work of William Sledd (gay-blogger-of-the-Bravo-hour, otherwise known as a self-made YouTube gaylebrity) today, I assumed there might be something to like about him. Then I investigated his website.

STRIKE ONE: He’s from Kentucky. Oh God, don’t hate me… their fried chicken may be great, but this land can be a nightmarish one for the Asians, ‘naw mean?

STRIKE TWO: He’s got one of them there stupid slanted haircuts. What a poser. No self-respecting, fabulous, fierce homo could rock that look with pride. Ugh.

and then came…


In this incredibly awkward and dull photo/video account of a night carousing in Bravo fantasylandzzZZZZZzzzzz, Sledd seals the deal with one coffin-nailing sentence.

“I made friends with some Harajuku Girls.”

You’re out.
You. Little. Bitch.

Oh William Sledd, whoever you are, you better hope your Gap-covered ass never crosses paths with Jen and Diana, ‘cuz it’s gonna be grass.

Homo Shame

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