When Worlds Collide: Quentin Tarantino And Kaori Momoi

June 11th, 2007 | 0 comments | Posted by Jen

From the AP: “U.S. film director and actor Quentin Tarantino, left, and Japanese actress Kaori Momoi give the thumbs-up signs at a press conference in Tokyo Monday, June 11, 2007 to announce the upcoming Japanese film ‘A Sukiaki Western: Django.’ Tarantino plays two roles in the film which is a so-called macaroni-western set in Japan, starring Japanese actors speaking in English, and meant for a Japanese audience.”

QT: Kaori-san, this is how we roll in the States, man. We give a thumbs-up like this. Can you dig?

Kaori: Uh, yes, I am familiar with the thumbs-up sign.

QT: But are you fa-MIL-iar with it? And by that, I mean, do you understand its motherfucking essence? Where it came from? What it means? Its historical place in popular American consciousness?

Kaori: Okay, you lost me.

QT: The thumbs-up hand signal comes from a 1970′s blaxploitation film called Thumbs Up My Badassssss. It was hugely controversial in its day. Jesse denounced it, the NAACP got all up in the filmmaker’s face, and it was Tamara Jones’ role as a cop blowing the kingpin pimp daddy she was trying to bring down that won her the part in Cleopatra Jones. Nigga please, don’t tell me you’ve never heard of Thumbs Up My Badassssss.

Kaori: What?

QT: You really don’t know what I’m talking about, nigga-san?

Kaori: Um, I don’t, and you kind of offend me.

QT: You’ve got to be motherfucking shitting me. I motherfucking rule, you dig? I am the only cocksucking filmmaker who goes THURRRRR. I’m the only director who puts African-Americans and Asian-Americans in movies, I’m best friends with a Latino, I dated Margaret Cho, and I have a fucking AZN Excellence Award, o-kay? Who the fuck do you think you are, Spike Fucking Lee? O-kay? I don’t see color, but everybody else fucking seems to and you know what? They’re fucked-up. They offend me. I spent four fucking years on Kill Bill and it is a motherfucking, cocksucking masterpiece, alright? I mean, Pussy Wagon, hello? That’s my motherfucking ride, man. I actually have the cajones to drive the Pussy Wagon up to the Disney lot–

Kaori: (to photographer) Just take the picture.

QT: Look at this sign in front of my motherfucking mic. It says “Tarantino” in Japanese, o-kay? I am SO DOWN with your peeps, black peeps, brown peeps, green peeps, whatever peeps, you fucking feel me?

Kaori: The sign in front of you actually says “ASS PUPPET.” This is how we roll in Japan. Say cheese!


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