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Reports surfaced today detailing a heinous burglary of the newly reunited Smashing Pumpkins’ practice space, which resulted in the theft of photos intended in some way for their forthcoming album Zeitgeist.

Among the reportedly stolen photos, according to Pitchfork:

  • Paris Hilton posing in front of a backdrop of a bomb exploding
  • The Grim Reaper standing at a podium emblazoned with the Seal of the President of the United States, in front of a black and white Smashing Pumpkins flag
  • A person in a business suit wearing a devil mask and being crucified
  • Five blonde children saluting
  • Close-up of Billy Corgan in a hoodie
  • Billy Corgan in a hoodie, standing next to a woman with no shirt on

ZZzzzZZZZzzZZZZZzzzzzzzzz… Oh! Hi! Still there? I’m sorry, I fell asleep in my pizza.

The band’s management released a statement today:

“Management for The Smashing Pumpkins confirms that the band’s rehearsal studio in Chicago was burglarized last week.

The two people who are now in jail illegally gained access to the band’s private space and stole various items belonging to them over the course of several hours while the band had left for the evening.”

In other news, below is a transcript from DISGRASIAN’s daily startup conversation from this morning:

DIANA: Good morning.

JEN: Coffee first. Then good morning.

[JEN and DIANA silently pour espressos over ice]

JEN: Ahh! There we go. Good morning. You look cute today.

DIANA: Not bad for prison garb, right?

JEN: Diana, we’re not in prison. We’re in jail.

DIANA: Same thing!

JEN: Not exactly. [waves Iced Americano in the air]

DIANA: Good point. I wonder how we got this sweet jail suite.

JEN: My guess is that somebody hates Billy Corgan as much as we do.

[JEN and DIANA high five]

DIANA: I wish we hadn’t gotten busted though.

JEN: Me too. I also thought the Paris Hilton photo was going to be better.

DIANA: Totally! I thought Wonk Eye was going to be melting from a bomb explosion or something.

JEN: We could have made cool mugs and stuff using that image.

DIANA: Melted Wonk Eye Mugs!

JEN: Almost as good as the Love. Angel. Music. Slavery. Mugs?

JEN: Almost.

DIANA: Those are hard to beat.

JEN: Totally. They’re so great.

DIANA: So great.

JEN: I loved that Grim Reaper picture.

DIANA: Oh dude, that’s so funny. I thought that was Mark Antony.

JEN: Have I mentioned lately how annoying this whole Zeitgeist concept is?

DIANA: It goes without saying. Oh, you’re stepping on your jumpsuit leg.

JEN: Thanks. I’m shocked at how well my skin goes with orange. I never would have thought…

DIANA: I know! Who knew?

JEN: Sigh. Now that it’s over, I realize how emotionally scarred I am from those graphic pictures.

DIANA: The Aryan children saluting?

JEN: No dude. Billy Corgan in a hoodie. His crazy face gives me nightmares. BLEGGHHH.

DIANA: More coffee, Jen. Helps the medicine go down.


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