It’s a Man, It’s a Woman, No, It’s…

April 10th, 2007 | 0 comments | Posted by Jen

Guess what this headline, “It’s a man or it’s a woman,” is about.


No, but I love Swayze’s French mani.

Getting warmer! Okay…not really.

Now for the real story from China Daily:

“A Shaanxi woman may have proved to all her restaurant coworkers Wednesday that looks could be deceiving.

A month after working in the restaurant and pretending to me a man, Gao Linsen shocked her colleagues when she delivered a baby boy in the eatery’s bathroom.

“I could not believe my eyes when I saw Gao deliver a baby,” said Zhang, the first employee to witness the scene.

She often wore men’s clothing and even told people she was a man. No one suspected she was a woman until the baby was born.

Gao Linsen is a man’s name, police said. They said she has refused to give them her real identity, where she came from or who the father is.”

So you get PREGNANT, change your name, get a job at a restaurant, pretend you’re a MAN, try to hold your head up high as your coworkers whisper “Damn, he got fuckin’ FAT” more and more with each passing day, and then a month later–you have a BABY. In the restaurant bathroom and…surprise!…you’re a WOMAN.

Huh?!? That’s either really clever or totally preposterous, I can’t decide which.

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