Mourning is a Trend

March 19th, 2007 | 0 comments | Posted by Diana

Fame whore and “Interior Designer” Bobby Trendy appeared on The Tyra Banks Show last week to articulate his very necessary thoughts on the life and death of Anna Nicole Smith, as well as extend his five or six minutes of borrowed fame vis a vis the gluttony and boredom of daytime television audiences.

Meanwhile, if you’ve passed by his La Cienega showroom in the last couple of weeks (side question/note: Who is he banging? How can he afford this overhead? Who pays this man real money to staple fuschia feather boas onto pink chenille pillows? If there is someone this stupid with this much money to burn, I need this person to finance my movie…), you may have noticed his attempt at a subtle–albeit somehow more repugnant–cry for attention: a solitary framed photo of Ms. Smith displayed on a sad, hideous showroom chair.

Bobby. Here’s the thing: You disgust me. And here’s why: Your gaysian and outrasian shtick is more than tacky, it’s the stuff of hell. It gives me fuzzy pink nightmares. It gives me pepto bismol-colored heaves.

More reasons:
You wear too much lip gloss.
You wear “custom-made outfits.” Every day.

And possibly worst of all…

“We’re-semi-quasi-half-true-some-of-the-time-and-okay-with-that database” Wikipedia reports:

Bobby Trendy is a Vietnamese-American interior decorator, designer and television personality. According to his publicist, his birth name is Robert Trendih[1]. A certificate of incorporation for a company known as Bobby Trendy, Inc, indicates his real name may be Robert Trinh.

And I believe them.



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